Take Your Chance

You can spot the interest of your partner during the date  from her gestures or body language. Every touch and smile is actually a positive sign and you can be sure that she likes you if she finds all the excuses to touch your hand or laugh at your jokes. You, too, should make sure she gets the same vibe by acting affectionate and showing your interest; if things go the right way, you can receive that kiss after all.


Now, things can get dirty and you can lose the advantage you’ve earned so far if you make a wrong move and end up in the jerk’s side. Things have to be done with extra care and you can follow some important guidelines. A safe way to show her how much you like her company and that you’re interested in starting something here is to give her a firm, but gentle hand squeeze, in between courses and when you’re having eye contact. During the touch, you can tell her how much fun you’re having and how you’d love to take her out again.


Another reliable way to test the waters is to put your hand on her back as you walk her out of the restaurant and see what kind of attitude she adopts- does she lean on you or does she walks away from your hand? Moreover, if it’s dark and warm outside at the end of your date, you could invite her on a leisurely walk or suggest to walk her home. What’s her mimic like when you propose this to her? Is she excited about it or does she make up an excuse, telling you how she has to get to the salon at 7 a. m. and that she has to rest?


If her answer was right as you expected, the conclusion that can be drawn from her positive answer is that she already likes you and wants to spend more time with you or that she is uncertain and wants to get a better look at you. Ideas and tests are plenty, but the focus should remain on her body language, watching carefully the signs and vibes she sends. As you walk through the dim-lighted streets, try to ” naturally” put your hand around her waist and see how it goes from there. The focus here is on “naturally” so you’d better do this move at a moment like, for example, when a car suddenly appears, so to make your move seem casual and protective, not planned.


Maybe you were alert enough to notice you’re walking right into a ventilation grill and you fashionable partner will ruin her fancy stiletto heels caught in between those iron bars. So if you want to avoid her immense suffering over the loss of an exquisite pair of Manolo Blahniks, you’d better wrap her around the waist and get her past the shoe eating danger and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have that long-awaited kiss planted right there in the street. Remember, however, any move you make towards your partner must seem natural and casual, otherwise you’ll compromise everything.


A quick warning before going further. Never try to touch one of her hot spots and make it look like an accident. No matter how you do it, the result will still be the same: a punch in the face and a wave goodbye. If you want to get out of a bad date and you don’t want to her the other’s feelings, you should make this move and let her think she had the upper hand. So remember, look for as long as you want, but never touch.


Let’s say that finally you have your arm wrapped around her waist. Does she look OK with you making this move? Does she lean in, trying to send some vibes or is she uncomfortable with your hand on her and looks for every excuse she can find to escape from your grasp?


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