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Educator of professionals on the psychology of human memory | Tutor | Academic/career adviser

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Problem: Natural forgetfulness (ex: of names). Desire to better retain information.

What I provide:

– Education on the psychology of normal human memory
– Actionable advice on how to reduce forgetting
– Presentations to groups of employees or one-on-one training
– Information on how to better use memory at work and everyday life



– Poor decisions that cost on academic performance, cause stress, and waste money
– Not knowing how to best learn, study, and perform on tests
– Questions about graduate school and how to prepare/apply
– Career preparation that later proves to have been inadequate
– Uncertainty on how to manage administrative problems
– Conflicts on campus
– Difficulty with calculus, physics, statics, dynamics

What I provide:

– Professional advice for any academic matter and career planning
– Professional guidance on handling administrative issues and problems with faculty members, teaching assistants, etc.
– Professional tutoring (in calculus, physics, statics, dynamics)

Why get my help:

– My goal is to help you be informed and wise and get where you want to go in life
– Campus advisors may mean well, but they are unlikely to have anywhere near the knowledge and educational/practical background that enables me to offer professional-grade advice
– My education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees in engineering from regionally accredited universities plus 4 additional years of studying and research in psychology
– 10+ years of teaching at community colleges and university
– 5+ years of advising and coaching undergraduate/graduate students


Message me. An initial 20-minute consultation via Zoom is free upon request! (A special offer is available if you promote my advising using your social media contacts.)

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