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James Marvin





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Researcher and Content creator | Environment & waste/cost reduction focused | Workplace #MentalHealthAwareness advocate

In summary – I’m on LinkedIn to help people save money & time, grow through networking, reduce their impact on the environment and on a personal level improve mental health awareness in the workplace.

I also comment on general environmental / sustainability issues and challenges.

On a personal note I’m not ashamed to say I’m a long term sufferer of stress, anxiety and depression. I have learned many things and I’m doing loads better now. I share my story to hopefully help others become more resilient to it as well.

From a business point of view at Intelligent Facility Solutions, hand dryers and washroom products are our expertise. If there’s a difference between product x and product y, we’ll know exactly what it is and why.

Need questions answering about these products then ask away! We pride ourselves in bringing the mundane to life!

You’ll learn things you never thought about before including the cost savings possible, environmental considerations and product suitability for all differing types of locations.

We research in detail so that we can make a big difference in your choice of product. Things you don’t have time to think about but you’ll be glad we talked to you about them!

I create content and share relevant industry & environmental information for the following sectors:

* Mechanical & Electrical contractors
* The construction industry
* Facilities management
* Electrical wholesalers
* Architects
* The education sector