• Ish Sachdeva posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago ·

    I am glad to be part of such a vibrant network & looking to make friends along with moving forward with my dream to move to Europe of Canada. So if there is anyone around who could help me in securing a Program Management role in Europe or Canada please help.

            • Are you on http://www.projecthelpyougrow.com with @irabomwan? He can perhaps help you, but you definitely want to beef up the appearance of your LinkedIn profile for sure.
                • Hi Mike I have been on Project Help you grow from the day it was launched i.e. Sept 2018 but haven’t had any luck yet
                    • What does your profile look like on there and have you been looking through the jobs or contacted @irabowman directly? He is helping people get visas and things, but he can’t do it all. You have to make your LinkedIn profile and other things more presentable. You have to make yourself stand out both through your profile and social media activity. It’s work to get work and even more work to get work in another country. It’s not easy what you’re trying to do for sure.
                        • @mikeoconnor I have contacted @irabowman tagged him to share my CV, I am trying to make my linkedin profile stand out if you have any observations on my profile let me know so that I can make modifications. I am working towards interacting by commenting my opinions n thoughts on posts. I am always open to get feedback on my areas of improvement an am adding new skilss as well to my profile. For example I have just completed RPA Business Analyst & Implementation manager trainings.

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