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Joint injections can pinpoint and alleviate pain caused by irritation or injury to the affected joint(s). Under ultrasound or using fluoroscopic guidance (x-ray imaging), a pain specialist injects a local anesthetic into the affected joint. If this anesthetic relieves the patient’s pain, the diagnosis is confirmed. A corticosteroid medication, a robust and long-acting medicine reduces inflammation and provides pain relief over an extended period, is also injected.

How It Helps. Joint injections are helpful in treating pain and inflammation in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, hands, and feet.

Our physicians participate with many health insurance plans. Covered procedures will vary with each insurance company. Our staff will check your individual insurance plan at the time of appointment scheduling to make certain we participate in it.

Please note that physician participation status may not reflect the participation of the facilities. Provider participation with insurance does not guarantee coverage.


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