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An ingrown toenail occurs when a toenail cuts into the adjacent skin, causing inflammation and discomfort. The large (great) toes are most commonly affected.
Signs and symptoms of an ingrown toenail arise from inflammation of the nail bed. These include toe pain, swelling, redness of the nail bed, and yellow, foul-smelling (pus) drainage. Other associated signs and symptoms can consist of limping or gait disturbances due to the toe pain. Ingrown toenails often recur after treatment. If the nail bed becomes infected, it may result in cellulitis (infection and inflammation of the surrounding skin and connective tissues).
Trained to address a broad range of foot problems, Dr. Lee specializes in hammertoes, warts, and toenail fungus. He understands how hectic life can be balancing work and home duties and how there is often no time for foot pain. He is committed to getting you back to your normal life as soon as possible.