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    US Marine Capt. Douglas Zembiec was one of the first special operations forces to enter the Kosovo War and he served two tours with Marine Force Reconnaissance (FORECON).

    This Marine also served in the and the Iraq War, and served with the 2nd Marine Division during the First Battle of Fallujah.

    He was known as “The Snake” as a result of his anaconda-like grip. As a rifle company commander, he led Marines and Navy Corpsmen in the first ground assault in Fallujah.

    He was also known by his Marines as the “Lion of Fallujah” as a result of his heroic actions leading Echo Company during the battle.

    He was killed in 2007 while leading 168 Marines on a raid during the assault on Baghdad.

    Just as he told his Marines to “get down” he was killed by enemy fire. He was posthumously awarded a Silver Star for his actions during the battle and promoted to major.

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