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Welcome to Gypsy Witch NYC!
What is mysterious gypsy magic and how does it attract people so much?
Gypsy sorcery rites have nothing to do with white magic, and it is stronger than ordinary black magic. Sometimes these are very cruel and merciless rituals, but undoubtedly the most powerful and effective. Gypsy witchcraft of my kind is based on the principles of necromancy – this is communication with the spirits of the dead, sacrifices to higher powers and deities.
Many rituals are closely related to the cycles of the moon. The rite carried out on the growing moon will contribute to the multiplication of something, and on the waning one – to deliverance or decrease.
The occult knowledge of the Atsinghanos clan is kept in the strictest secrecy and is not available to representatives of other clans and nationalities. True gypsy magic does not allow quackery and fraud, we value only true skill.
If you need help, it makes no sense to turn to white or black sorcerers who have received diplomas and specialist certificates. Stronger magic than gypsy – there has not been, is not and will not be.
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