• Greg Bennett posted on Mike O'Connor‘s wall 8 months, 1 week ago ·

    @spnlocal Hey Mike,

    Would love to connect with you here. I see the demographic is a little older, and thought that there could be some huge value adds for them in terms of social and creating content.

    This is the place to connect with you right?

    • Hi Greg!!

      Thank you so much for joining us here!!

      The demographic just got a little younger it seems. :)

      This is one of the best ways to contact outside of just giving me a call. I get a lot of notifications every hour of the day so leaving things on my wall here or sending me an email/text works pretty well.

      This site ranks fairly high in some search engines and grows a little bit every day. The goal is just to keep growing by sharing information and helping as we are able.

      Please feel free to use this site to share whatever content you want and further connect with other members.

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