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I’m a Father, Husband, #FleetManagement Professional, President of Glen Ridge Fleet, Inc. found here – ( on Facebook: ) President of Kingtec Refrigeration USA found here (Facebook: ) #innovator #data driven #refrigeratedvan #coolertrailer and #freezertrailer builders (more info found here – ) my core values were born from beliefs instilled upon me when I was a child, and on the ideas formed over a 29 year career in the transportation industry and based on experiences of the 45 year career of an industry leader, mentor, confidante and beloved father.

These Ideals were simple. 1st, hire great employees, treat them with respect and empower them. 2nd, be a tool for a better society, a better community. 3rd, create a sustainable company, that will be remembered for how it treated others and made the world a better place for all. 4th supply a quality service. And 5th, most important of all, never compromise on any of these ideals.

Glen Ridge Fleet, Inc. ( follow us on ) was my brainchild and born on these ideals. It is a fleet management company first and foremost. Glen Ridge manages #Fleets of all makes and sizes, but we specialize in #refrigeratedtransport #regionaltransport #shunttrucks #terminaltractors #contractortrucks #deliverytrucks and #automotivefleets across North America.