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Truth be told, it’s never easy to make that decision that you want to file for a divorce. If you feel that your marriage has come to its natural end and you cannot do anything to make it work, this article will guide you on the process you need to follow when starting the process of filing divorce papers. The steps are pretty straightforward and are easy to understand.

You simply have to answer the questions we ask you, print out your completed forms, and then file them at the courthouse. The guide we provide you is comprehensive and it answers all the questions you have about filing for a divorce in your respective state. We have detailed answers about different states on our state divorce page which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Support and Custody

When the inevitable happens and you really have to end your marriage, the focus often shifts to the children and even with the intervention of the court, you will still find that some parents want to get satisfaction for their own personal interests and not those of the child or children. Even with that gloomy outlook, the courts have successfully helped to come up with the best possible option for the child. Truth be told, coming up with such a decision takes a lot of involvement. Involvement in determining which of the two parents is the best option to have the custody of the child, visitation rights and what they are or determining if a non-parent is the better choice over a parent who can’t meet their obligation as the child’s real parent.