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I do bot stuff ? | Automation | Coach | Author | Multipreneur | Public Speaker | Clean Living | Botcasting

Talks about #work, #mindset, #automation, #philosophy, and #entrepreneurship

Ever regret all the time wasted on stuff that a computer could’ve done? I don’t. I’ll happily spend 5 hours of my time writing automation that frees up an hour per week, forever. I’ll do it for you too.

Every company has things that nibble away at people’s time. Honestly? Mine does too. The minutes and hours add up. Before long, you feel like you can’t get anything done. That’s a terrible feeling. When I feel that way? I start wiggling my fingers and automation comes out.

I can identify bottlenecks and then invest time in crafting a solution that frees up that time. Then I can spend that time on better things, like family, driving more business, having more conversations. Whatever I want.

And I can do that for you too.

Back in 2015 when I started Arch DevOps the focus was software test automation. I would be invited to come into companies, assess where time was being spent in the testing process, and then craft a solution for the testers to be able to automate a big chunk of their work.

But I always took it a big step further. I didn’t want to come in and play the Hero Card. I wanted THEM to be the hero. So I would build training curriculum for them to learn on their own, and also new hires could get onboarded quicker. I would find places where I could hand off mini projects to certain people and help them level up quicker by letting them build a part of the solution. And I would build deep relationships that are still going strong to this day.

It’s what I became known for. I was excellent at it.

Still am, by the way, just now the type of work is a little different.

Automation is just simulating what a human user would do in their day-to-day. But it’s not limited to just automating tests. I learned that that type of automation — software test automation — is a subset of a bigger type: robotic process automation, or RPA.

All kinds of back end processes in your sales, finance, human resources, marketing, onboarding and other teams are chock full of small inefficiencies that add up after awhile. And I’ve been able to help people in all those areas. I still help software developers and testers free up time too, but now I’m focused on entire companies.

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels in your company in places, you probably are. I can help identify where those inefficiencies are, and determine how to get you moving again. Check out for examples or to schedule a free intro call.