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Rolland Bensidoun, like his father and grandfather before him, began managing open-air markets in and around France. For almost 60 years, Rolland has expanded his operation to over 80 markets throughout France and the metropolitan area, introducing his sons, Pascal and Sebastien, to the business. In 1996, The Bensidouns decided to expand outside of Europe to develop the French Market in the United States and bring to it its expertise and resources, as well as touch of Parisian color.

For centuries, markets have been a central feature of European life. In Paris, public markets are synonymous with French culture and style, as expressed through fresh foods and drinks, flowers, clothing, books, arts and crafts and jewelry sold by local vendors in open air pavilions. In fact, markets are so vital to the culture and economy of France, that almost all markets are municipally owned or authorized.

A French Market will create a new economic sector for your city. These markets can offer a variety of goods and vary from upscale, urban markets to more rural, local street fairs. By offering a variety of goods in different types of markets, it invites customers from all economic groups and provides an environment that is welcoming to all.

With over 60 years of experience and over 100 markets throughout Paris, New York, and Chicagoland, the Bensidoun family are the public market managers and developer experts.