• this is one to watch.. AI can make a massive change in your growth

  • Know your customer then know what to do with that information to build true targeted strategies.

  • Know your customer then know what to do with that information to build true targeted strategies.

  • Know your customer then know what to do with that information to build true targeted strategies.

  • A great interview.. competence should come prior to confidence.. 

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  • episode 4 

  • If you ever wanted to know how to utilize brilliant photography in your marketing materials, this is a great educational watch.

  • how do you find a real coach among a field of posers that talk the talk but lack the experience to walk the walk.. 

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  • Why re-brand? Can a re-brand help?

    Prunes offer definitive proof that branding matters!

    Years ago prunes were the BUTT of jokes. (pun intended) It was dried fruit people associated with constipation relief, old people with gut issues, and other poop related jokes.

    Interestingly, medical research lead to a 2010 ruling in the EU stating \”insufficient evidence\” that prunes are in fact a laxative but the perception remained that they would. Other research still disagrees with these findings so the controversial Shakespearean \”to poop or not to poop\” with prunes battle goes on..

    Smart marketers from the prune lobby (yes, prunes have lobbyists.. kind of a crappy job if you ask me) decided that selling prunes as prunes would only get the elderly demographic and be considered \”Old Folks Food\” to everyone else.In the 2000s, they started a massive re-branding campaign hoping to grow by expanding the demographic. Today you will find “dried plums\” instead of prunes on most supermarket packaging.

    Since then, sales or this liberating fruit have grown exponentially and the market is no longer dominated by the elderly.

    So if you or someone you know has some dried plumbs in their snack repertoire, know that re-branding gets results.
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    I don\’t hate this post

  • Powerful Marketers Know:
    1) Tactical marketing tools are not a strategy. They are what’s used to implement and execute a strategy
    2) Executing tactical marketing tools without a clear strategic plan including precisely defined objectives and desired results rarely leads to victory.
    3) To have clearly defined objectives and desired results requires deep understanding of your competitors, customers, and channel partners. This includes how you differentiate in relation their issues, needs, and wants.Spending a fortune to grow leads, connections, web traffic, implement CRM or sales enablement tools, web sites, e-commerce platforms, and more without a clear plan is like hunting a swarm of mosquitoes with a shotgun.

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  • Your brand is the heart and soul of you or your organization.Do you want only basic recognition or to inspire voracious advocates who love doing business with you, tell the world how great you are, and can’t wait to be part of what you do next?What will you do today to strengthen your ability to convert everyone you meet to become an advocate for your brand?

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    this is a great article.  Many strategic sales models we build involve a good, better, best program and also limiting models to no more than 4 in a line to reduce buyer confusion.  Also, an interesting phenomenon is the destruction of brand by heavy discounting.  When people recognize a fair price they suffer lower buyers remorse the when they get a big discount leaving them wonder if there  was more money left on the table.  Premium companies with premium brands do not play in a price market.  They sell a real value

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    picture gives me a piercing headache.. 

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    Who?  never heard of her… 

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    great video Joe.. 

    • Thank you Andrew!! I appreciate that my friend. I actually like having something I can go back to and send to others if they need anything. 

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    great article.  Iv\’e found the best way to know that someone is rarely influential is when they call themselves Influencer in their title.  I prefer to decide on my own who influences me and who doesn\’t. keep writing great articles and we will be influenced by your ideas.. 

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    great point.. may I add one?  Remember to turn off when the business day is done.  My phone goes on the charger at a specific time and only gets touched if family or friends call.

  • Solving problems is what sales is all about.  If you have to first create or invent a problem for your product to solve, welcome to an uphill battle.

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  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officers Provide Top Skills & Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

    Imagine the power of having a C level marketing executive on your team who is fully dedicated to the success of your company for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.A Fractional CMO (FCMO) may be just what your company needs to build a robust Branding and Marketing team while avoiding the high cost of hiring a full time executive who then must hire additional internal and external assets to properly build a team who gets the job done.

    Maybe it’s time to evaluate the benefits of adopting a FCMO to your organization. 

    Does any of this describe your business?

    Your Sales team is often distracted from actively selling by attempting to create their own materials or being bogged down in administrative functions, lead generations, or other marketing related work that keeps them from selling

    You lack inside expertise to gather and interpret market data to make informed decisions

    You have had issues recruiting a seasoned professional

    Your marketing needs have peaks and valleys that you wish could be increased and decreased without having to hire and fire during peak and low need times

    You have had communication issues and financial creep managing relationships with marketing agencies not involved in your daily operations nor understand your needs

    You plan to eventually hire a VP Marketing or CMO but need a head start on your go-to-market plan while you seek the perfect hire

    You have several business units that do not require an individual marketing executive for each

    You just purchased or acquired a business that requires a jump start, rebranding, or a total turnaround strategy?

    Don’t mistake a Marketing Agency for a FCMO. 

    There is an overlap in skill set, but a FCMO is a fiscally responsible member of your executive team engaged in most aspects of your business while agencies tend to be service-vendors hired for specific tasks but not as the driver of your total strategic playbook. 

    FCMOs are leaders with comprehensive responsibility and accountability for your overall marketing program as they fill the role as a virtual employee. They are responsible for finding the tactical total marketing applications that fit your needs rather than try to fit your company in the limited areas an agency may have focused their expertise.

    Responsibilities include managing the total marketing budget of your organization as they manage their own staff of skilled creative, tactical, and strategic leaders who become experts in what you do. As a resource, they also can provide technology reviews, recommendations and implementation including CRM, Marketing Automation, Web Design/SEO, Lead generation and nurturing and more. They lead workshops, meetings and discovery sessions, evaluate the voice of market, channel partners, and competitive landscape, to provide not only the tactical materials and programs but the overall strategic go-to-market play book.Lets start a discussion to see how a FCMO could be the game changer you seek for growing your business.

  • this was a great conversation about sales enablement and more…

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    I didn\’t expect to find another fellow knitter here.. 

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