Tips For Writing An Amazing SEO Friendly Content

Amazing SEO

SEO friendly content is the need of the hour and no online business can ignore the importance of good content. How genuine the business is simply determined by the quality of content they have on their site and other touchpoints. If anyone wants to thrive online, the content must be value-driven, easy to read, and purpose solving.

Content is the base of all the other SEO activities and anyone who wants to improve the overall SEO needs to first focus on quality content. So, in this article, we will have a look at the best SEO friendly content development tips that will help you thrive online and provide more value. And, if you don’t have an in-house content team, it’s always a wise idea to hire a good SEO company and get quality content from them. So on this note, let’s have a look at the best content tips to work on:

First, conduct a comprehensive keyword research

The content should fulfill the user’s problem and for that, you need to conduct full keyword research to know which keywords people are searching the most. Right from the search volume to keyword difficulty, make a complete list of keywords. Once you prepare the list, you need to optimize the old and new content accordingly.

While you write new landing page content or a blog post, always try to include all the searched keywords in every natural manner. Keyword placement should not look stuffed and intentional and for doing this, you need to have experienced writers.

Make the content reading easy

We have to believe this hard fact that we can’t expect users to come on the website and read the complete content. Due to lack of time and fast hustle-bustle, you need to optimize the structure of the content. For this, you need to organize the content using subheadings, bullet points, and internal linking. Along with this, keep the sentences short and crisp so that uses can easily read the content and get their solution. The more you make it easier to read, the more visitors you will attract to the website.

Keep the title attractive

By attractive, you have to create clickbait for the content that you are writing. Clickbait will do more harm than any benefits for your site. For making titles attractive, there are several ways to do it and you can take inspiration from many good published articles.

First, try to keep the titles under 55-60 characters and try to include interesting facts of numbers in them. It will increase the curiosity of the readers and they will read the content till the end. This simple yet effective tip will definitely help you drive more traffic and improve your search rankings.

SEO-friendly URLs

Every SEO company focuses on creating SEO-friendly URLs and you should also focus on it for getting better rankings. For making the URLs SEO friendly, try to include the targeted keyword in the slug of the web page or the blog post.

By doing this simple thing, you can get two benefits— first, the users will find it pretty handy as they will know what this page is about and the search crawlers will also index it quickly. Unorganized random URLs are difficult to read for both users and bots, so you should always focus on creating SEO-friendly URLs.

Paragraph and sentences length

These two things are very instrumental while writing content for our readers. Keep the sentences short and comfortable to read. 3-5 line paragraphs are super easy to read and remember. This improves the overall user experience and reduces the bounce rate.

On the other side, if the paragraphs are very long and dense, it would be hard for users to retain focus and it will ultimately increase the bounce rate. Coming to sentences, make sure the sentences are less than 25 words. You should always give a proper breathing break after a sentence, so keeping them short will make the reading easy.

Optimizing the meta description

Another thing that a good SEO company focuses on is meta description and they are super important when SEO is considered. Meta descriptions help visitors with a short summary of the page or the blog post. Along with this, they also aid the search bots to understand and rank the page better.

When you also write meta description along with your main content, it will definitely give you an edge over your competition. The ideal length of meta description is around 160 characters and you should also include your focused keywords and LSIs in the description.

Focus on optimum content length

Google and other search engines have never mentioned anything about how long the content should be. But as per the research done by SEO experts, long-form content performs better than short or thin content. The reason being, when you write a long post, you will cover maximum things about the topic and will solve more user problems with the same blog.

As per some top SEO companies, you must keep the content length of at least 300-500 words as it will add more context to it.

Keep the tone conversational

Depending on the purpose, try to include some hooks, questions, and interesting facts in the content to retain the user’s attention. Give your readers the reason for reading the next line, the next paragraph, the next subheading, and more. Keeping the tone conversational and interesting will hook the readers till the end and it will reduce bounce rate drastically.

These were the top tips to write amazing SEO-friendly content and outperform in your niche. Keep readers’ perspective while writing and it will gain more organic reach. Follow these simple tips and get started with creating quality content. Whenever you write new content, the search bots crawl the site and when the quality is good, they improve the rankings. If you don’t have a team of writers then you must choose a good SEO company that can help you create compelling content that will help you shine online.

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