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Hi I am Eunice!

Former CEO and Co-founder of SAHEE PROJECT, Innovation Strategist, CEO PR at school Board. A Protagonist who approaches relationships with a sense of purpose, creating bonds that are not easily broken. An ardent Evangelist for what I believe In. A seasoned change -agent. I have mentored students, young people and women for over 15+ years. Using relevant skills and TOOLS. I have an inclination of the role of a play maker, I facilitate creativity in others and thus bring focus and direction to activities. My coordination of women and youth have led to positive alliances and complementary relationships.

I have contributed to countless charitable campaigns by vetting designs. I was one of the community voices delegates on the issue of the farmers and headers conflicts (Abuja Nigeria 2017) and also one of the stakeholders in the SACE/USAID Share out (Collective Impact tools and Approaches capacity building Nigeria 2018 ).I have also been doing social media for the past 4yrs, I have helped entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals to growing their business. .I and my students have been featured in the SACE/USAID News letter 2017.

I am currently offering my services as a CEO of the Post Primary Schools Management Board – acting as the main point of communication between the Board and the public and I also motivate, encourage and help entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals grow their business.

I have completed various courses as follows: Courses on improving communication /trust in Healthcare, Community Relations, occupational safety and health, Diversity, Sensitivity and Inclusion, Women’s Empowerment, Leadership skills for high performance, humanitarian Aid Worker, Emotional Intelligence. I have a Dip in mathematics and BSC Cooperative Management .I love music, horseback riding, Reading ,writing and traveling. My hash tag ? #seeddifferently is out of the box ? thinker, bringing innovation and creativity ??BRINGING YOUR TRUE SELF TO WORK MEANS BEING VULNERABLE. ✍️

Watch this video to learn more about me: