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Erika Warfield


Dallas / Ft. Worth area (Texas)

About Me

Do you need to boost your net profit & multiplier? MetaGrowth Ventures creates world-class, 100% Commission Sales Teams, so you can scale exponentially without the fixed costs of draws or salaries.

And, therein lies the secret to growth hacking your way to a fail-safe exit strategy. We give you innovation in entrepreneurship & management, so that you can:

🔹 Delete the fixed costs of salaries or draws against commissions.
🔹 Boost your net profit & multiplier.
🔹 Not worry about your sales lifecycle.
🔹 Stop losing sleep & energy over your sales turnover.

Imagine no longer getting sucker-punched by the revolving door that is your Sales Department.

We stop the revolving door for you, because we build your team of unrivaled, numbers-driven sales professionals. Then, we train them on motivation & how to get things done with your own traditional & digital marketing efforts.

Our ideal clients are companies with $2M-$10M in annual sales that have reached a productivity plateau. Additionally, start-ups with venture capital hire MGV to get a bigger ROI for their investors.

We can’t thank those smart CXOs & venture-backed Entrepreneurs enough for outsourcing their Sales Teams. Our greatest joy is getting them bigger returns for their share-holders & investors.

Basically, if you:
✦ Need to get traction…
✦ Need to scale up…
✦ Need to increase your net profit…
✦ Realize your endgame is an exit strategy with a bigger multiplier, and…
✦ Realize the future is NOW…

You’re definitely in the ranks of our clients for rethinking how to adapt & conquer today’s business climate & technology. I’m excited to help you do it.

But, I’m not your average sales catalyst. You won’t find anyone who’s more focused on growth in every area of life than me… in addition to my work in sales, marketing, strategy, & leadership.

I’ve worked with major companies like BMW, AutoNation, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, & many tech start-ups prior to MGV.

That alone makes working with me profitable for you & (frankly) just plain fun.

By the way, “it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true”.

I’m also a classical musician with firearms training; a former trusted On-Air Personality; & a recreational Ballroom, Latin, & Argentine Tango dancer, bypassing beginner’s classes in some cases, just because I thought…

“Girl, please. You ain’t got time to play.”

Know this: You, too, ain’t got time to play.

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