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I always write my own headlines. Except this one, I borrowed it from someone really clever…

Talks about #socialselling, #energyindustry, and #businesstransformation

All I could think about at school was Music and Art, academia came later in life. I played the Trombone, loved painting and was sure I would head off in that direction as a profession but, my parents put their foot down and insisted that I “get a trade first, and then do that arty rubbish later”.

So, off I went, a spotty, misunderstood ‘New Romantic’, to be an apprentice electrician in heavy construction, refineries and eventually, offshore.

Since then my journey has been an interesting one, moving from Technical, Health and Safety, Quality, Sales, Marketing and Business Development, General Management, Senior Leadership and now ‘end to end’ business transformation through Social Media. Everything I have done professionally has linked together to bring me to where I am today, I’d love to tell you I planned it this way…

Building meaningful connections has been a thread running through my life. People who know me will tell you I am a social person, sometimes too much. My Primary 4 report card said, “Eric works well in groups but not so much on his own”, Mrs Borland got that right. So, it’s fitting that today I spend my professional life transforming individuals and organisations to become successful through Social Media.

I have always loved a challenge. When one of my friends suggested we head off to the Sahara Desert and enter the Marathon Des Sables in 2013, I jumped at the chance…why not? I realised how much of a terrible error I had made when I turned up at the start line in Morocco for 6 marathons, in 6 days, in near 50 degree heat…I made it to the last day and collapsed without finishing. So, I went back in 2015 and did it properly, my MDS medal is one of my dearest possessions and the amazing people I met there are life-long friends.

To find me at my happiest would mean you’ve found me on a mountain with family and friends, either flying down a track on the mountain bike or on skis, for me there is nothing better. Music and Art are still a huge part of my life, check out my Instagram ‘hoodathunkpictures’ – don’t be too harsh!

My previous headline read, “I didn’t know what I was until I worked out who I am….” I couldn’t do what I do and have done in my life without truly understanding myself. I know myself inside out, where I can help you and, where I need your help.

I’m a Social Selling & Influence coach by day and a lover of red wine by night (not every night!!)

We are based in Aberdeen, Scotland but can work with you remotely anywhere on the planet.

This is a little part of me, I’d love to hear about you?