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  • I had to share this. lol

  • Did you take this? That is an incredible shot!

  • That is way too cold for me! At what point, do you burn the sofa?

  • #lunatic

  • Man, that looks cold!

  • @nicole-giampaoli is the first person on the Service Professionals Network to get 1,000 profile views in a single day.#SPN #SocialMedia #Networking

  • I love #EdSheeran #Music! He just rocks this all the way out…wow!

  • Tom Brady really is at the top all by himself. There are stats and there are trophies. Trophies trump them all. #Winning matters.

  • @jacciklynch Thanks for being so awesome!

  • You’ll like this one., @spnlocal2017.

    Research conducted by psychotherapists proved that Energy Flows where Attention Goes.

    *Everything in our Universe is Energy.*

    When you say, “I don’t want War”, you are giving your attention to war and where you give your attention, your Energy will flow.

    The Law of Attraction will match your Energy with that and bring it into your three dimensional reality.

    So instead of saying, “I don’t want War”, you should say “I want Peace”.

    Then your attention is on Peace, so you are giving your Energy to Peace and the Law of Attraction will match your Energy with Peace and your life will be Peaceful.

    The Universe works on Vibrations. So similarly change your other statements.

    Instead of saying, “I don’t want to fail”, say “I want to Win!”

    Instead of saying, “I don’t want to be sick”, say “I want to be healthy”.

    Instead of saying, “I don’t want to have a struggling job”, say “I want to have a happy and exciting job”.

    Instead of saying, “I don’t want to fight with my girlfriend/wife, say “I want to have a happy relationship with my girlfriend/wife” and so on.

    *Our thoughts are very powerful because Energy is transmitted through thoughts.*

    If you think and speak about what you don’t want, you will attract what you don’t want!

    But if you speak about only what you want, you’ll attract what you want!

    Also remove words from your vocabulary like: Depression, Hatred, Failure, Illness, Disease, Jealousy, Misunderstanding, Problems.

    *Instead of “problems”, you should use “challenges”.

    Words are very powerful. Use words properly. This is called \”the power of spoken words\”; as you keep on repeating the same words again and again, you apply energy/force to the word & it starts multiplying & the effects manifest in your Life.

    Daily positive affirmations:

    *I am happy*
    *I am healthy*
    *I am wealthy*
    *I am worthy*
    *I am hopeful*
    *I am helpful*
    *I am humble*
    *I am blessed*
    *I am thankful*
    *I am grateful*
    *I am unique*
    *I am a genius*
    *I am kind*
    *I am courteous*
    *I am confident*
    *I am courageous*
    *I am loving*
    *I am caring*
    *I am honest*
    *I am hard-working*
    *I am going to make best out of this life*

    Always be Happy! Always be Smiling!

  • Appreciate other people’s perspectives to sell more.

  • Are you using the power of the telephone?

    Are you generating #leads, capturing #sales & delivering exceptional #CX by phone?

    The only #communication channel that is stronger and delivers a richer experience is face to face which is somewhat problematic during #Covid.

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  • #LetsConnect on #LinkedIn too!

    #Networking #SPN

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    IDC who you are. This is #funny!

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    Cleanup Rubbish Removal is Sydney’s premier rubbish removal company. We are the specialists in providing Sydneysiders a full service rubbish removal in a friendly, timely and efficient manner.

  • #follow @juanblanco76 on #Twitter, #Instagram, and #SPN. @Juanblanco_76 on #TikTok

    Would you do this?Video credit: birdam.team


    Would you do this?Video credit: birdam.team I

    ♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

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    Call me in April…🤣🥶

  • CleanUp Rubbish RemovalCleanup Rubbish Removal is Sydney’s […]

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    Kevit Industrial Technologies is one of the best manufactures company in Dubai, UAE. We provide Pressure gauge, Ultrasonic flow meter, Level switches, radar level transmitter, temperature Gauge, thermocouple, Orifice Plate, mass flow meter, level gauge, radar level. Contact us +971 567076530.

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    Aivhub is the best Business Intelligence Solution providing powerful Business intelligence tool in United Kingdom. BIRT certification training course will help you gain the knowledge you require to create an interactive report, run and schedule report, and provide you with a great overview of the BIRT reporting server including security features.

  • Aivhub is the best Business […]

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  • We all should incorporate this into our homes. It would make such a huge difference for the environment.

  • I am glad to be here on #SPN! Thanks for the invite @crushing-b2b & @spnlocal!

    I\’m also looking to build my #LinkedIn network so please feel free to connect with me there as well! Reach out anytime and have a great night!


  • You really can’t.

  • The main reason why I started to use #LinkedIn more than 10 years ago was for not losing the contact with my clients, business partners, people I met on different events, etc.I also liked reading the #articles and learning about subjects of my interest, especially #marketing, team building, #business, emotional intelligence, etc.And  that was it. Until I met Mike  O’Connor SPN back in 2018…Mike was the first one who showed me the real power of social media and relationships building on different platforms. He encouraged me to start posting, engaging, #blogging. He thought me so much about #seo and content writing.And along the way, he became on of my best friends.💜Mike also owns this free social media social and professional networking website – Service Professionals Network (#SPN). I met so many great people here and if not already a member, I encourage everyone to #JoinSPN.Thank you for everything, @spnlocal

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    What’s the guy in the hat saying to himself?

  • #JackBlack can officially make anything #entertaining as hell.


    Happy New Year!!! 📹 @taylor #Welcome2021

    ♬ original sound – Jack Black

  • @nicole-giampaoli, #nathanlust is awesome! I’m so glad you shared that #TikTok #video!

    I wish I could #dance like this guy is #dancing. Wow!


    Sitcoms in the 80’s be like 😂😂 | INSTA: @Nathan_Lusty

    ♬ original sound – Nathan Lust

  • I don’t know about you, but I’m just tired of people being mean, hypocritical, bossy, and loud as hell about every little thing they don’t agree with.Don’t take part in cancel culture.Don’t take part in hypocrisy.Don’t engage in tic for tat arguments.Do avoid toxic people.Do avoid things that make you anxious or angry.Do go for a walk and take care of yourself.Just be nice.It’s not as hard as it as seems lately.Follow the Golden Rule and take a breath before releasing anger or negativity on other people. Most of us are full up on that crap. Share some sunshine and fill your feed, more importantly, and fill your heart, mind, and soul with as many positive vibes as possible.Take care and make the most of the ride!#GoldenRule #SPN #PositiveVibesOnly #BeNice #kindnessmatters #hypocrisysucks #canceltoxicity #cancelthebullshit #StrongerTogether #MakePeace #BeTheLight #leadtheway

  • Right? Left? IDC. Just don’t be an asshole.

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