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    Hi folks,

    Here’s a little something else we’re dabbling in at EQ4 Media.

    Everyone hires a pro to take photos and video at weddings and family events, but what about the HUGE part of your big day the pros can never capture?

    Years ago, disposable, single-use cameras were often placed on tables at wedding receptions turning all guests into photographers who captured memories from a completely different perspective.

    Now, guests take photos and videos on their phones, and we preserve those memories in a video highlight package so you don’t miss out on your guests’ perspective of your big day.

    1.) Have your guests upload photos and videos within one week of the event to a central location such as:
    ➡Your favourite social media platform with a unique hashtag (eg. #jtwildwedding)
    ➡A shared cloud storage folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
    Why one week? People forget to do it as more time goes by.

    2.) Grant us access so we can download photos and videos for editing.

    3.) We create a five minute highlight reel using photo animations, music tracks and other special effects, and we turn it into an mp4 video you can upload to YouTube, Vimeo or keep in private storage to watch at your convenience.

    Starting at $500
    Custom options available for longer videos

    Email: eq4media@gmail.com
    Limited summer 2019 availability
    Now booking for fall and winter

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