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    Super article, Craig! The times are a changin’.

  • Video is quickly becoming a major necessity in business, but pricing can be confusing, especially if you’ve never looked into video creation before. In this article, I unpack how it works.

  • Yesterday I shared the following challenge on LinkedIn and Instagram. I’m sure there are some SPN members who could use a little boost over this hurdle as well. And if you have questions, fire away!


    I’ve noticed some discussion lately about people’s hesitation around creating and posting video.

    Getting in front of the camera to record video can feel a little like the prospect of public speaking.

    It’s easy to become fearful.

    You worry about little insignificant things:

    💡The lighting isn’t right.
    📹I don’t have a good camera.
    📱My phone doesn’t take good video.
    🎙I don’t like the sound of my voice.
    🌧It’s raining today, so I’ll hold off.

    Let’s help people overcome that fear!

    Make a short video about absolutely nothing. Tell us about your grass growing or your paint drying. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you just make a video.

    Post it and hashtag it: #videoaboutnothing

    I can’t wait to see what people create!

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          Thanks! Just a little encouragement for those who are camera shy.

          • Hi folks,

            Here’s a little something else we’re dabbling in at EQ4 Media.

            Everyone hires a pro to take photos and video at weddings and family events, but what about the HUGE part of your big day the pros can never capture?

            Years ago, disposable, single-use cameras were often placed on tables at wedding receptions turning all guests into photographers who captured memories from a completely different perspective.

            Now, guests take photos and videos on their phones, and we preserve those memories in a video highlight package so you don’t miss out on your guests’ perspective of your big day.

            HOW IT WORKS
            1.) Have your guests upload photos and videos within one week of the event to a central location such as:
            ➡Your favourite social media platform with a unique hashtag (eg. #jtwildwedding)
            ➡A shared cloud storage folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
            Why one week? People forget to do it as more time goes by.

            2.) Grant us access so we can download photos and videos for editing.

            3.) We create a five minute highlight reel using photo animations, music tracks and other special effects, and we turn it into an mp4 video you can upload to YouTube, Vimeo or keep in private storage to watch at your convenience.

            Starting at $500
            Custom options available for longer videos

            Email: eq4media@gmail.com
            Limited summer 2019 availability
            Now booking for fall and winter

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            Thanks, Mike!

            • Hi All. Some of you in my LinkedIn network know that, in addition to my video business, I’m also an outplacement consultant. I’ve helped hundreds of people move forward from a layoff. As part of that work, I created a strategic resume writing course that consistently receives satisfaction ratings over 90% in classrooms. Now, I’ve put it on video and made it publicly available on Udemy.

              Last week I gave away 50 free enrollments on LinkedIn. They were gone within a few hours. Now I’m doing it on Instagram, but I’ve reserved 50 free spots for SPN members as well.

              The course is about an hour. If you need to dust off your resume, take the course yourself, or pass on the link to a job seeker you know.

              All the best,

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                            Happy Sunday, Katja!

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                              Hope you find it helpful!

                              • Hello Friends. I’m Rob Deptford. I’ve known Mike O’Connor for a while now, and I’ve finally taken some time to get set up here. If we’re connected on LinkedIn, you’ve probably seen this video, but it’s a good example of what I do.

                                All the best!


                                      • Happy to connect. Just sent a request.
                                        • They don’t have any customer service. I was just speaking with someone about that the other day. They stink when it comes to the invite, not being able to block people, fake profiles listing themselves as employees, and many other things. With that being said, they’re still one of my favorite social media platforms.

                                          Glad to see a connection made through #SPN! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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                                          Happy to connect. Just sent a request.

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