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I am a doctor of psychology who has a passion for all things people. Regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religious preference, political preference, status, and history. I have experience working in difficult areas of Los Angeles, and most recent experience as Clinical Director of a psychiatric hospital before moving to Michigan five months ago. Since then, I have dedicated my time to transitioning my family to a new place, and met some incredible people in starting a business. I finally have the opportunity to move my practice and skills into the venues of my preference.

I now have been contracted to provide a range of services through a general medical practitioners practice, a business development firm, psychotherapy in an underserved area of Detroit, gained part-time employment providing services with individuals with chronic/life-long mental health issues, and will begin building my psychotherapy private practice.

In regards to the purpose and premise of the business, The Longneck Agency, as a personal coaching and staff training firm. However, there are more sensitive issues at stake. I am looking to empower and embolden leading professionals in our community to create a ‘ripple effect’ of compassion and care. How? By teaching those who impact our society at large with the skills to treat others with thoughtful intention as they endure a profession of high liability, risk for burnout, expected over perfection, and warped work-life balance. This has somehow become a new standard of living, and does not have to be the case.

With this, I am looking to work with licensed professionals (attorneys, physicians, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Mental Health and Health Professionals), and business leaders (CEOs, HR Leaders, High Ranking Managers) to improve the purpose of working lives as we are complex beings that transition between environments often carrying the worries of the previous. The reason for my complimentary services into coaching is the transition from psychological services being focused on crisis and pathology for reimbursement to focus on purpose, achievement, and passion in coaching. This is a method of prevention and wellness to provide a structure and direction of purpose to achieve.

The Longneck Agency is focused on Personal Coaching and Staff Training to find balance, and have purpose. This is a service intended to move our community into wellness through a ‘ripple effect’. As days become more complicated, and more information is available regarding best-practices, managing stress, parenting, relationships, work-life balance, liability, leadership, and everything else. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a doctor of psychology in your pocket as your personal coach? A coach available to you as you go into challenging situations, offering skills to increase self-awareness, and following a dedicated action plan to construct further purpose in your life. Think about the challenges of making changes in our day-to-day life… How is it that we all have said, “I am going to make changes today (honestly comes out as ‘tomorrow’),” to find ourselves continuing to do the same thing? Have you tried to change your eating habits? How often do we spend our time focused on who we DON’T want to be, rather than focusing on the person we are DEDICATED to being? Ask yourself this question… “Is it working?” If it is, keep doing it. If it is not, this is an opportunity to ignite passion and change your life by knowing what you value, managing obstacles effectively, and constructing the life you want to live. Consider how you invest in yourself, as a person, and connect with me with further interest.

With gratitude,
Dr. Dustin Marsh

If there is more that would be useful, please let me know. This is the first of many projects I have in mind to spark non-profit work/support to continue grander outcomes for our society.