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    Thank you for reaching out. 
    The DrDoRo®Institute

    would be glad to assist you 
    during these times.
    Prof. Dr. Doreen Rosenstrauch
    The DrDoRo®Institute, LLC,
    is providing virtual 
    Healthcare Consultancy and
    Advisory Services since 2008
    Follow: LinkedIn.com/company/DrDoRo
    e: info@DrDoRo.com
    p: http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/DrDoRo
    t: 251-2-DrDoRo
    f: http://www.Facebook.com/DrDoRoInstitute
    Appointments can be scheduled 
    at your convenience under

    • Hi @drdoro! I hope you’re doing well! Have you listed your business in the directory yet? https://serviceprofessionalsnetwork.com/add-listing. I’ll be glad to share it. 

    • Hello
      How are you today?.My name is (precious abba)I hope you are in perfect health and i pray that this message should find you in peace. It will be my pleasure to read from you as always. I am very happy the way God has brought us in contact with each other. But plea
      se i will love to know you more please write me to my email: (preciousabba@hotmail.com)

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