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Board Certified in HealthCare Management – Transforming HealthCare One Client at a Time

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Global citizen-Mother-Wife-Physician-Nurse-Entrepreneur-Scientist-Mentor-Educator-Expert Witness-Subject Matter Expert-Angel Investor
Doreen Rosenstrauch, FACHE, MD, PhD, MPA-HCA, RN, BSN, FAHA: HealthCare Professional with over 20 years of experience in Medicine, Science, Nursing, Research, Education, Business Administration and HealthCare Management with background in HealthCare planning, LEAN management, HealthCare Accounting, Economics, Budgeting and Finance, Ethics, Strategic Planning for HealthCare Organizations, Human Resource Management, Managerial Epidemiology and Biostatistics, HealthCare Advertising, Promotion and Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Public and Health Service Administration, Policy Analysis. Board Certified in HealthCare Management.

*International Medical Graduate: active physician license to practice medicine in Germany/ Approbation als Ärztin in Deutschland; and Swiss Physician Diploma/ Diplôme Fédéral de Médecine en Suisse/ Eidgenossisches Diplom als Arzt in der Schweiz; and U.S. Board eligible not U.S. Board Certified.

Company Name DrDoRo®Institute
Dates Employed 2008 – Present
Employment Duration 11 yrs
Location Texas, USA
The DrDoRo®Institute, LLC
provides virtual and in person
HealthCare Consultancy and Advisory Services since 2008
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 251-2-DrDoRo
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University System of Maryland
Total Duration 2 yrs
TitleSubject Matter Expert
Dates EmployedJan 2019 – Present
Employment Duration 6 mos
LocationAdelphi, MD
Title Professor
Dates Employed 2017 – Present
Employment Duration 2 yrs
Global Health and HealthCare Administration, The Graduate School, University of Maryland University College at the University System of Maryland, USA
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“You want to Improve HealthCare!
Interested in being the change you want to see in the healthcare world?
Learn more about Healthcare Administration.
Prof. Dr. Doreen Rosenstrauch MD, PhD, MPA-HCA, RN, FAHA, FACHE
will teach THE U.S. HEALTH CARE SYSTEM HCAD 620 9041
Join other future change makers and disruptors of the healthcare industry today!
The Graduate School, University of Maryland University College at The University System of Maryland, U.S.A., where students are at the center of what we do best – adult learner education – worldwide since 1947.
Advance your career and make a difference:”

eedoctors AG
Total Duration 2 yrs
TitleChief Quality Officer
Dates Employed May 2019 – Present
Employment Duration 2 mos
TitleLeadership Quality Management Business Intelligence
Dates Employed Mar 2019 – Present
Employment Duration4 mos
TQM – Quality Management Business Intelligence

Title Physician
Dates Employed 2017 – Present
Employment Duration 2 yrs
Video- and Telemedicine
The eedoctors offer medical video consultations via any smartphone 365 days. Free chat with a licensed physician – without waiting period – even on weekends and holidays:
Die eedoctors bieten medizinische Video-Beratungen während 365 Tagen an. Kostenloser Chat mit lizenzierten Ärzten sofort – ohne Wartezeit – auch an Wochenenden und Feiertagen:
We understand you. Wir verstehen Sie. Nosotros te entendemos.Ti capiamo. Nous te comprenons.

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University of Texas at Tyler
Degree Name Master’s Degree Field Of Study Healthcare Administration
Graduation 2014

Activities and Societies: Lifetime Member of the Alumni Association at the University of Texas:
Student Associate of the American College of Healthcare Executives:

*S. Meinert, MBA, LBSW, Coordinator:

*E. G. Whyte, MSHCA, PhD, Program director

*R. G. Newman, PhD, MBA, MPhil, CPA, FACHE, FHFMA

*J. S. Zoller, PhD, MHA

*J. Lefante, PhD

*T. McIlwain, MPH, PhD

*P.A. Honoré , DHA

*N. Borkowski, DBA, CPA, FACHE

*R. Stultz

Health Care Accounting + Economics + Budgeting + Finance,
Ethics + Strategic Planning for Healthcare Org’s,
HR Management,
Managerial Epidemiology + Biostatistics,
Health Care Advertising/Promotion+ Marketing,
Organizational Behavior and Theory,
Public + Health Service Administration,
Policy Analysis

The DrDoRo®Institute is transforming HealthCare One Client at a Time.
We provide virtual and in person evidence based healthcare consultancy and advisory services since 2008. We create efficient and effective change management strategies and optimization strategies for individuals and organizations in the healthcare arena. All consultancy and advisory services are confidential.

The DrDoRo®Institute is a limited liability company established in the state of Texas, USA, in 2008.

The DrDoRo®Institute envisions to empower individuals and organizations to transform healthcare in connection with our natural environment.

The DrDoRo®Institute serves individuals and organizations by proactively facilitating positive changes in healthcare to improve population health through innovative change management strategies and effective and efficient cross-functional interdisciplinary collaborations.

Belief Statement:
The DrDoRo®Institute believes that the most important currency in life is health and that the best medicine is prevention.

Population health begins with the individual. Employees and employers alike hold a responsibility for the health of the individual and the population in connection with our natural environment.

The DrDoRo®Institute believes in the Bio-Psycho-Socio-Economic Model, where health is linked to interactions of variable factors like:

-Biological (genetic, biochemical, nature)
-Psychological (spirituality, personality, behavior)
-Social (cultural, familial, medical)
-Economic (resources, wealth, government)

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Industry Management Consulting Company size 2-10 employees Headquarters Houston, Texas, USA.
Type Privately Held
Founded 2008 Specialties Healthcare consulting, TeleMedicine, ConciergeMedicine, Health, Prevention, Wellness, AI, AR, VR, MedicalEducation, ClinicalTrials, EvidenceBasedMedicine, DrDoRo, e-Health, m-Health, and HealthDigitalisation