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    We specialise in the supply and installation of artificial grass to both domestic and commercial customers. Using only beautiful European manufactured artificial grass we will transform your lawn to a thing of beauty. Bring all unusable spaces back to life. Unlike most we only install child and pet safe artificial grass we prepare the base…

  • Elite Artificial GrassWe specialise in the supply and […]

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    Interested in obtaining the desired score in PTE Academic? Make the PTE preparation with Classlly, Which is the best online PTE coaching classes. Classlly provides personalized individual PTE coaching and group coaching to PTE seekers. We have highly skilled expert PTE trainers, who teach you the whole pattern of the PTE Academic exam in-depth and…

  • Classlly.com | Best Online PTE Coaching ClassesInterested in obtaining the desired […]

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  • You’re on my side? Infringe away!!

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  • You’ll like this one., @spnlocal2017.

    Research conducted by psychotherapists proved that Energy Flows where Attention Goes.

    *Everything in our Universe is Energy.*

    When you say, “I don’t want War”, you are giving your attention to war and where you give your attention, your Energy will flow.

    The Law of Attraction will match your Energy with that and bring it into your three dimensional reality.

    So instead of saying, “I don’t want War”, you should say “I want Peace”.

    Then your attention is on Peace, so you are giving your Energy to Peace and the Law of Attraction will match your Energy with Peace and your life will be Peaceful.

    The Universe works on Vibrations. So similarly change your other statements.

    Instead of saying, “I don’t want to fail”, say “I want to Win!”

    Instead of saying, “I don’t want to be sick”, say “I want to be healthy”.

    Instead of saying, “I don’t want to have a struggling job”, say “I want to have a happy and exciting job”.

    Instead of saying, “I don’t want to fight with my girlfriend/wife, say “I want to have a happy relationship with my girlfriend/wife” and so on.

    *Our thoughts are very powerful because Energy is transmitted through thoughts.*

    If you think and speak about what you don’t want, you will attract what you don’t want!

    But if you speak about only what you want, you’ll attract what you want!

    Also remove words from your vocabulary like: Depression, Hatred, Failure, Illness, Disease, Jealousy, Misunderstanding, Problems.

    *Instead of “problems”, you should use “challenges”.

    Words are very powerful. Use words properly. This is called \”the power of spoken words\”; as you keep on repeating the same words again and again, you apply energy/force to the word & it starts multiplying & the effects manifest in your Life.

    Daily positive affirmations:

    *I am happy*
    *I am healthy*
    *I am wealthy*
    *I am worthy*
    *I am hopeful*
    *I am helpful*
    *I am humble*
    *I am blessed*
    *I am thankful*
    *I am grateful*
    *I am unique*
    *I am a genius*
    *I am kind*
    *I am courteous*
    *I am confident*
    *I am courageous*
    *I am loving*
    *I am caring*
    *I am honest*
    *I am hard-working*
    *I am going to make best out of this life*

    Always be Happy! Always be Smiling!

  • Do you know how hard it is to armbar someone like this, while wearing mittens? And they’re fluffy mittens too!!

  • 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor confirm $500k donation to The Good Fight Foundation for UFC 257
    ABU DHABI – Conor McGregor is following through on his word to donate half a million dollars to Dustin Poirier’s charity.When the matchup between McGregor (22-4 MMA, 10-2 UFC) and Poirier (26-6 MMA, 18-5 UFC) started to materialize in late 2020, “The Notorious” said he would put forth a hefty sum to The Good Fight Foundation, a charity run by Poirier and his wife, Jolie.Read more… #UFC #MMA #Poirier #McGregor

  • Just because other people are choosing to be negative, doesn’t mean you have to.  

  • This evening like every Thursday, Marketing Drops will air on channel 68 of the digital terrestrial television in Italy.Today’s episode, like last Thursday’s, is part of the new format chosen for the first TV show on marketing literacy for artisans, freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs.In interview mode, this evening, Cecilia Quinterio a professional copywriter will take part in Marketing Drops.Don’t worry, it’s not about any magical art.Although it can wield some magic.In fact, copywriting is the art of writing to sell.It’s a writing technique that will allow you to turn your readers, your website visitors, your prospects, and those you generally come in contact with into customers.But I don’t want to reveal any more.I’ll see you in 2 hours.I’ll be waiting for you.Take care.Channel 68 of the Digital Terrestrial Television at 7pm.See you later!Avanti Tutta!SamuelePS: Remember that if you can’t see it, you can always register at http://www.marketingdrops.it and watch it again in streaming starting Monday, January 25.Want to know more?Join the Facebook group by clicking MarketingDropsSee you soon

  • Some of my artworks are available on apparel &c in Vida:


    • Hi @joelkahn! I hope you’re doing well today!

      If you put this link in the chain link icon and hit preview, then hit submit link post, a nice preview will show up. That preview will get more people to click through.

  • Attention Recruiters and Hiring Managers,

    Ralph M Roos located in the City of #Johannesburg, #Gauteng, #SouthAfrica area is looking for a new career opportunity.

    – “Would like to inquire about vacancies within the Data Capturing and
    Geographic Information System Data Capturing. I am seeking permanent
    employment as of the moment and I am willing to start immediately if
    required. I do have 11 years’ professional working experience.”

    Please review his resume and or CV that is attached in the post and contact them if you see a good fit.

    Share with others as needed.

  • InTheSpotlight Recap: Kurtis Tompkins (@Jobready2dey)
    Recap of our 10/9/20 InTheSpotlight w/ #Digital360Chat interview with
    Kurtis Tompkins (@Jobready2dey) – Owner at Jobready2dey℠ • Certified
    Resume Writer • Certified Interview Coach • Career Coach

  • I like you #art, @joelkahn!

    I made a board for them on my #pinterest. I’ll come back to pin the rest.

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    Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair is a Cell Phone repair, Tablet repair and Computer repair shop based in Virginia. We do all types of repair and have lots of positive feedback so far! We value our customers, so we always do our job in good faith. Mr Fix specializes in the highest quality…

  • Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer RepairMr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair is […]

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    BREAKING: Baseball legend and Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, who hit 755 home runs in the major leagues, has died at the age of 86, Atlanta Braves say.

    #RIP #HankAaron

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