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  • You know why you have naysayers?   Because they are jealous.  They want what you have.   But don’t waste your life worrying about them.    Just move on.

  • Social media is still a young marketing channel and it is always on the move. It is now impossible to imagine everyday life without it. Not only private individuals are constantly working on social media sites.

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  • Social media is a vital part of how people speak through most life in many segments. It is currently not practicable to define personal social usage as the professional; some tell you or anything you might have said can and will be employed against you. ..

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    • You’re awesome, Jeremiah. I love that, and I’m the same way! And it’s funny that so many people seem not to be used to that, and they’ll just look at me like an alien when I do that or like I want something from them when I randomly smile at or compliment them. Lol. But I just love to smile and share my joy of life with others. :)

  • #Monat by the numbers(with Huge Momentum and Success!)In the first 4 days of 2021…we added 20,000 New VIPS! (Thanks amazing flash sale )In December 2020, over 7000 Market Partner Ranks happened! That’s A LOT of promotions!Over 7000 people qualified for Vegas Reunion 2021, myself included.Over 4000 people qualified for the Passport Payout. That’s over $6M in payouts. The trip was canceled, so they paid out instead! 1495 Emerging Founders in total 1374 Motor Club Members BEEP BEEP! I’m one promotion away #MONAT grew by over $400M USD in Revenue in 2020 (a very small list of companies in the WORLD doing that well in 2020.)These are the FACTS and I’m proud to be a part of a company Inspiring, Innovating, Supporting and Caring for our Teams, Customers and Communities. I’m excited to be continuing on this amazing journey in 2021. As of the first, I’m eligible for SMART START BONUSES again! Like when I first started You want in on this?! Let’s chat!#entrepreneurship #SPN #Networking #AmazingHair #WinWin #MonatHair #MyMonat

  • Attention Recruiters and Hiring Managers,

    Stephen Gillon, CSPO, Pn1 located in the #Louisville #Kentucky (also open to remote) area is looking for a new career opportunity.

    – “Product Owner possessing experience developing product roadmaps,
    spearheading roll-outs that maintain alignment with company targets, and
    creating user stories to incorporate end-user preferences into
    programs. Demonstrated proficiency with agile story writing,
    prioritizing backlogs, initiating market research for new features, and
    setting product deadlines with accuracy. Expertise includes the ability
    to collaborate with cross functional teams and stakeholders on
    strategies to deliver business needs.”

    Please review his resume and or CV that is attached in the post and contact them if you see a good fit.

    I have also worked with Stephen and can vouch for his character, experience and work ethic.

    Share with others as needed.

  • Positive Images & Stories To Brighten Your Day

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    @doylebuehler, it must be your training that makes you wonder.

  • You better be ready in today’s crazy world.

  • Message to Recruiters & Hiring Managers from Job Seekers

    Some of the frustrations many job seekers are experiencing when they apply for a job is they may get rejected and then ask for feedback and hear crickets or are ghosted.

    If someone ask for feedback, take the time to give it. They may not get this positions, but you feedback could help them with their next one.

    🎯 Check out the video for what job seekers experience 👇👇👇

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  • Shit, times are getting tough. #strippermario

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    This #Mandolorian costume works as a #Christmas gift. Just a suggestion.

  • 🤔It is only natural for the next generation of digital device users to expect data and advertising to be swirling around them.  

    Gone are the days of touching a digital device that will not fit in their pocket or purse due to the awareness of unclean 
    surfaces that can easily spread germs and viruses. Consumers are taking precautions to avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.  

    👉Extending Digital Signage to Mobile Devices is the best way to help your customers.

  • Cold Calling can be a tough. But is doesn’t have to be, its about the belief you have in yourself. 

  • I have always loved this!  Just need to repost once in a while.

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    #1. Hiring a referral is usually quicker and simpler than posting job ads.
    #Staffing #hiring #network

  • We can talk all day long about shared media and what it means for your brand.

    It does take building community, consistency, engagement and providing value. It is a long-term strategy.

    But enough talk, let’s show results. The numbers below are from my #Digital360Chat and show the power of shared media. (This is from one Friday and one hour of engagement).

    Let’s talk how we can do this for your brand.

    #branding #relationshipmarketing #community #socialmedia #digitalmarketing

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    Join me as I unbox the Skin Fusion by MONAT Soothe & Unwind Collection!
    Also, please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel.

    #Monay #MonatbyMichele #wellness

  • Michele Gunn posted an update in the group Monat Hair Care Fans 1 month ago ·

    Dedication and patience is worth great hair!

    Leslie shares:

    3 year update! 

    The picture on the left is after my very first wash with Monat 3 years ago. 

    The picture on the right is after 3 years of exclusively using Monat 😍. 
    I curl my hair with the exact same straightener in both pictures. I am standing in the same spot (house remodel in between pictures) in our house with natural lighting. I am also wearing the same shirt 😉.

     No editing. No filters. 

    My go to products are:
    – 1st wash black 
    – 2nd wash renew 
    – junior conditioner 

    And of course oil treatments at least once every two weeks

  • Ready to close the year well & intentionally prepare for the new year with your biz?My Christmas gift to help you accomplish your online business goals in 2021Get a free PDF of my digital strategy & marketing book – just msg me & I’ll send it

  • Don’t look back in anger :) 

  • Does your legacy matter to you?Some people will remember you for the job you had.Some people will remember you for the car you drove.Some people will remember you for all sorts of things.However, everyone will remember how you made them feel.We are all we really have and we will always be #StrongerTogether.A job is just a job, but people are priceless.#kindnessmatters #letsgrowtogether #goldenrule

  • Do what others aren’t prepared to do and you will get success they will wish they had. 

  • We are all survivors…be kind.

  • So are you wondering how Santa is holding up during this coronavirus Christmas season? Well wonder no more! Enjoy my fun YouTube video at https://youtu.be/_Zu7LTveaUI to find out.
    Santa and I are both wishing you a very merry covid Christmas in which you and all of your friends, family, and loved ones stay safe, healthy, and happy! 🎅🎄🎁

  • SEO friendly content is the need […]

  • One of my favorite remakes

  • #TimTalk – Fintech 2021: 5 Trends Shaping the Future of the Financial Services with @Xbond https://buff.ly/3akMym1 via @DLAignite #socialselling #digitalselling #banking #bigdata #blockchain #artificalintelligence #insurtech #finserv #inovation

  • Lisa Ryan showing us why she is so good at helping manufacturing companies keep their top talent!

  • Are you surprised by what you see when you look back? 😂 I certainly am lol
    A few days ago I took a look back at 2020 with my “State Of Digital” session, where I outlined what was happening with the online world and how businesses are responding… or not. 
    Think of it like taking the pulse of the digital economy and what’s important and what’s not. 
    Simply put – “From Data Comes Decisions”.
    The opportunity is there and growing substantially, but only in certain places. Not every business I spoke of in it were prepared for what came next – and some were massively large companies, that you would never ever expect to fail. Yet they did, because they didn’t have a plan – not just a 2 dimensional roadmap, but rather a 3-dimensional FLIGHTPLAN.
    Besides these companies – only around 20% of businesses are fully capable of operating within their digital ecosystem.
    Here’s how to flip that to 80%.
    Arm yourself with the information that you won’t be scared to see next time you look back… 🤩
    Grab the #Replay here:http://bit.ly/digitalpulse2020

  • What AI apps do you currently use❓

    Grammarly is one of the top apps that I use.

  • Richard posted an update 5 months ago ·

    Just finished launching my own site! It’s crude, basic and still under development, but it was fun learning to code it!

  • Slots available….

    email: http://www.markweathers.co.uk/

  • Lisa Ryan Helps manufacturers keep their best people.

  • Need help with an idea. 

    I recently posted a LI post about my son who has autism doing his first ever modified bench press. I’ve gotten more views from that post than any post I’ve ever posted in my LI life. It got me thinking of hundreds of times in my life with my two special needs children teaching me life lessons that I wanted to start a series of posts with something like….. “Lessons learned from my Autistic son”  or something like that 

    The content is easy since I’ve already had these life lessons for years.  Just not sure what vehicle to put it out on. Would LI be the best place or start a blog (which I’ve never done) and post them through the blog and then into LI?  Most of them would be video rather than written articles.  

    Anybody who is an expert in blogging about a certain topic or knows the best way to help get this idea into reality. Let’s have a chat. Thanks SPN community. 

    • If you ask 100 different digital marketing “experts” you would get 100 different answers. Some would tell you to do YouTube then share it on other social media platforms. Some would tell you to do YouTube then embed those videos in a WordPress blog before sharing the blogs. Some would tell you to do it all native on LinkedIn. 

      Some would tell you a series is a great idea. Some would tell you that you should share the content without calling it a series. 

      It comes down to a personal choice. No one can tell you the best way to share your stories. They can just tell you what works for them or what they’re most comfortable doing.

      • that makes sense!  I’m going to reach out to Fanny Dunagan whom you likely know from the DFW area. She seems to be an expert on video content and can tell me what works for her as you said.  – Thx. 

  • Online sales of the best hair care, skin care and wellness products. Leaping Bunny approved.

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