• Doyle Buehler posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago ·

    Did you know that there are two major types of trends for businesses to know and be aware of in navigating this disruptive digital economy?The first one is the #techtrends that really are like a laundry list of the latest and greatest technology that you ‘must have’ in order to “be amazing” with your business… “Look at how cool this tech is!!!” kinda stuff.But does it actually help your business?It is a great cure for shiny object syndrome, at least until the next hit, and the “greatest tech trends of the century” come out next week… :)It hits us right in the amygdala, so we all rush out to buy it. Yet, it’s not going to save your business or make it better.The second type of trends are more about the cultural and behaviorial types of changes that we see in our customers and audience, in their buying behaviours, the way they interact with you and others. Imagine it like a glacier that slowly but surely forms and moves and stirs things along it’s pathway…Take a look – see which ones will affect you directly, and the difference between a foundational change, and just putting in a new tool…#DigitalStrategy

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