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    If you can’t livestream on a channel, does that mean it doesn’t exist? :)

    And, what is more important? Podcasting or Livestreaming?

    Today we had the great pleasure of broadcasting part 5 of our livestreaming series Livestreaming Decoded with my co-host Keith Keller – but, we couldn’t actually broadcast on Linkedin Live.

    Why you might ask? Well because LinkedIn is being a bit restrictive in who can use the platform. So, unfortunately, neither Keith nor I could broadcast directly from Linkedin live.

    If you thought it was kind of strange, yes, you’d be correct!

    So, we had the amazing Annemarie Cross broadcast via Streamyard to Linkedin Live. And, she helped us rank #LinkedinLive with our 20 Livestreaming Criteria, to give you a better idea of what it can do and what it can’t do.

    We also had another special guest, Doug MORNEAU where both he and Annemarie helped us talk more in depth about the differences between podcasting and livestreaming!


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