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Check out the SPN book review of my Digital Strategy book by SPN Master @mikeoconnor

How do you think strategically? There are 9 specific types of strategic thinkers and 1 of them is aligned with how you think – find out which one is you –

We live in an absolutely amazing time – where we are no longer confined to a simple “shop” with our business, like the ‘olden days. We now have access to more customers than we ever thought imaginable. Yet, it doesn’t always work out that well for businesses, as they are not certain nor prepared properly on how to connect and reach out to their audience in the digital space.

I help entrepreneurs and businesses with telling their story online to connect with their audience and increase their leads and sales – building a strong digital foundation is how you get more business.

Having a website is one thing, but are you able to convey your brand value across your entire digital ecosystem, and create your own digital story through using the tools like socialselling for your customers to enjoy enough to do business with you?

Whether we use a 21st Century GPS or a simple paper map, we almost always need a roadmap to help us get to our destination – and for our customer to actually find us and connect with us. We need to be where our customer is at – so they can do business with us. Nothing is different – only the tools have changed. What’s in your digital toolbox?

Check out the SPN book review by @mikeoconnor