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    Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated — including your clients. What better way to do that, but through gift-giving? 🎁

    And I’m not talking about sending your clients postcards or holiday greetings 🎄 through email with free access to your newly published book.

    I’m saying sending them gift boxes that are carefully and thoughtfully packaged with a handwritten message from you.


    The physical gifts you especially prepared for your clients represent how much you value them. They show how much you’re paying attention to their likes and interests outside of your business relationship.

    When your clients feel appreciated, they begin to develop a deeper connection with you. In turn, they’re more inclined to remember you, support you, and stay loyal to you.

    So, the next time you’re tempted to send random, hurried gifts to your clients, pause for a minute and ask yourself, “ does this gift show how much I appreciate and value them?”

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