Best Online Marketplaces for Selling Your Products in the UAE

Having a vast population of 9,541,615, the United Arab Emirates is a diverse and mature consumer market with a well in place e-commerce segment. If you’re a seller looking for a suitable online platform and are wondering what is the best online marketplace to sell, continue reading.

This article will educate you about the alternatives available in case you’re thinking of launching your products online on a UAE platform.

Product Range

The top-selling product in UAE with respect to e-commerce consumers includes flight tickets, clothing goods to shop online, mobile phones, utilities, and gadgets. Extending product ranges from these categories might help sellers to strengthen their presence on the UAE e-commerce platform and grant you an advanced start.


The United Arab Emirates has an elaborate and efficient e-commerce industry set in place. To end this experience seamlessly it is expected that you can offer price effective and timely local shipping alternatives. The most convenient method to provide a consistent and protected shipping service on a new platform is most likely to employ an international parcel delivering service. Any best online marketplace website should consider this factor while processing their orders.

Top E-commerce Sites on Online Marketplace Uae

 It’s worth checking out these renowned sites to decide which one is best suited for your product. This decision involved taking into consideration factors like traffic intensity and volume, competition, and the segment of e-commerce buyers that they tend to gather. Below mentioned is a list of a few of the best-rated online marketplaces in the UAE to sell your products.

We hope through this article sellers are able to weigh their options and select the best product to sell online in UAE on the basis of their potential and customer base.

  1. Souq

Souq is popular as a technologically-backed online shopping site and marketplace reliable to millions across the Middle East area. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Dubai, it cites itself as the largest e-commerce stage in the Arab world. It is thus considered the best online marketplace by many critics due to its longstanding history and reputation. 

Best for General merchandise, including fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, etc

Key Features

  • Over 13 years of working experience
  • Around 6.4 million monthly visits
  • Ranks 529 globally
  • Estimated $500 million in annual revenues
  • Around 6.2 million users
  • Over 32 categories with clothing ranked as the top-selling category
  • Privately hosted logistics available

Process and cost involved in being a seller

  • To become a seller, you need to create a seller account, product range, verified email, shipping address, trade license, and ID along with bank details.
  • Free seller registration
  • 5% to 20% commission fee charged on items sold
  1. Awok

Awok promises you a whole different seller experience that’s relatively more convenient than other prevailing platforms. This private e-commerce firm founded in 2013 is known for selling in Dubai &UAE and serving the Middle East area. Originally, they only dealt with electronically driven equipment and gadgets. Yet, it has evolved dramatically with time, offering a diverse medium to grow your business and present your brand to everyone. It is rightfully considered as one of the best online shopping marketplace to sell your brand products.

Best used for Common merchandise spanning fashion, household necessities, electronic gadgets, and health & beauty items.

Key Features

  • Working experience of over 15 years 
  • Estimated monthly visits of 4.3 million
  • Positioned at 7,848 worldwide
  • Approximately 1.17 million users
  • 15+ groups with fashion as the best selling category
  • Confidential hosted logistics exist

Process and cost involved in being a seller

  • To pose as a seller on this website, you need to engage in Awok selling Program (by registration), have products to sell, a verified bank account, trade license, and a confirmed email address.
  • Offers free seller registration
  • Charges 5%-20% commission fee on sales
  1. Jollychic

Established in 2008, Jollychic provides the seller a platform that boasts of globalized, finest services. The company has remained for a long time now one of the pioneers in mobile e-commerce online shopping websites in the Middle East as well as the North Africa demographic. It leads over 3,500 employees and 1,000 support staff to assist in increasing your business calibre and proving its stature as one of the best marketplace to sell online.

Most visited for Apparels, beauty goods, electronics, household, living, and sports accessories.

Key Features:

  • More than 10 years of working experience
  • 2.3 million monthly visit count
  • 6,904 global ranking
  • Touching over 1 million clients
  • 5+ categories with clothing as the best selling category
  • Offers private hosted logistics 

Process and cost involved in being a seller

  • To be a seller on Jollychic, you need to give contact details, business site, bank account information, and trading license.
  • Provides free seller registration
  • 15% commission fee charged to sellers
  1. Mumzworld

Mumzworld has expertise in the domain of fashionable, trendy, and cosy products for expecting mothers, newborns, and kids. Launched in 2011, it houses over 1,700 brands and around 200,000 products. Mumzworld makes it viable for sellers to provide customers their most comfortable shopping baby shopping experience. It is regarded as the best online marketplace by many new moms and parents seeking out baby accessories and products.

Best suited for: Mothers, toddlers, babies, and kids products

Key Features:

  • Over 7 years of experience
  • Rounded off 420,000 monthly visits
  • Ranks 103, 890 globally
  • Over 187,000 users
  • Baby products are in the top-selling range
  • Privately hosted logistics instilled

Process and cost involved in being a seller

  • Seller necessities consist of personal contact details, company details, product range, trade license, and bank account information
  • Free registration provided to sellers
  1. Desertcart

Desertcart attains a balanced customer satisfaction level by adding the essence of premium e-shopping experience and accord into online selling platforms. The firm founded in 2014 enables you to sell across several Arab states like Oman, Kuwait, and UAE . Sellers gain an incredible opportunity of earning significant money with their payment mechanism. It remains the best buy online marketplace trusted by many satisfied users to date.

Apt for: Electronics, mobile gadgets, home utilities, books, and baby products

Key Features:

  • Over 6 years of working experience
  • Distribution/consolidation centers at key locations around the globe (US, UK and India)
  • Google rating- 4.6
  • 9+ product classifications 
  • Over 100 Million products cataloged
  • Discounts offered periodically as per the festivities

Process and cost involved in being a seller

  • Seller requirements include verified email address, business site, account information, and product range to sell.
  •  Free registration available
  •  Does not charge any fees or commissions

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