• @jeffmcnickle Could you try placing the pdf in the cloud, dropbox or onedrive/googledrive… and then post the link to access that document.

  • @live20 Email is warwick.melton@gmail.com , be glad of a copy, Luke.

  • Warwick Shirreff posted an update 2 years ago

    Hello all,
    Some of you have already joined Webtalk, the new communication platform that is so much more than just Social Media.All the benefits of Linkedin and Facebook and more.. use it as a CRM to group, file, sort, your contacts (personal and private – separately), your prospects, your upline, your downline, your alumni, friends, family, etc.
    The Beta phase is drawing to a close… Official launch is 30 January
    If you join in Beta phase you can share in the profits from advertising sales to any of your referees….
    It’s Free to Join, but you need an invite, which you will find at…

  • Warwick Shirreff posted an update 2 years ago

    Hello Fellow Members
    I am sorry it’s taken so long to get active on this site,
    even though I have continued active with SPN members on Linkedin.
    I am hopefully through the worst of my health issues,
    although I have 5 more months of being a “professional driver” … without a driver’s license!
    This means staying home and tackling the outstanding issues
    with my website, my LinkedIn Group, Small Business- Tips & Strategies (which many of you have already joined- Thankyou)
    and start pulling my weight in this group.
    That’s it for now folks,
    but there is more to come!

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