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Deb Helfrich



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I am a Wellbeing Philosopher and Writer ~ My purpose is to Write the Best Possible World into Being

I deal in the astounding possibilities that arise when we learn to use our own thinking equipment ~ I am actively seeking angel investors, producers, and an agent to become part of my team of consciousness & wellbeing provocateurs. My brand of unique heart-propelled work is truly what the world is craving today. Reach out. Let’s be the change!

Project #1 ~ Love in the Time of Chronic Disease crossed with 100 Weeks of Social Media
Project #2 ~ A contemporary fable about the Redheaded Step-Princess and her Sensitivities to Peas
Project #3 ~ An ensemble piece about a group of women whose lives change via an Artist’s Way group

Feel free to connect & reach out for a copy of my first full length work, a memoir about loving dogs > Second: A Tale of Grief and Puppy Love

Available exclusively on my website >