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“Financial Education and Financial Planning For The Next Generation”

Darnell is a Personal Financial Counselor and Planning Specialist. As the President and CEO of Frazier Planning Service, he has built a well-respected and client-focused financial education, financial counseling, college planning, financial planning, and retirement planning firm.

We specialize in financial counseling education (Financial Empowerment), financial planning education (Building Wealth), college planning education (Is A College Education Affordable), and retirement planning education (Can You Afford To Retire). Also, current business and economic news affect your finances.

Our mission is to educate and provide the most current information, resources, strategies, and tools to individuals, couples, and families in financial counseling, college planning, financial planning, and retirement planning to make wise decisions affecting their money and future.

Our philosophy at Frazier Planning Service will start at the beginning of Building A Personal Financial Foundation. We aim to inspire people to pursue and achieve their financial goals and live on their terms in this global economic system.

Being financially educated means; you know how you spend your money. You have a plan for what and where you spend; however, being financially empowered means you have control.

Darnell enjoys taking in a good college football game in his free time, reading financial articles and financial data information, and volunteering at his community organizations as a financial coach, college access mentor, and mentor/role model for our youth.

Your Personal Finance and Financial Planning Partner.

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“Savings a SMALL amount soon builds up to a large amount.” -Scottish Proverb.

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