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How my life change after buying Shark ion robot™ 750

I am a junior who often goes to school and participates in extracurricular activities, I usually spend time studying and improving my skills with internships. So I don’t have much time to clean the house, as well as vacuum all the floors and carpets. Most of my friends recommend me to buy a robot vacuum that automatically works on itself so that I can rest assured about the cleaning. And then I learned about Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75, the best assistant for me in doing housework. This robot vacuum has many special functions that suit the needs of a third-year student like me.

1. It can work on all surfaces

My apartment has area rugs scattered all over the place like the front door, the bathroom door, the bed front, etc. and the rest is hardwood floors. Before buying, I was very worried about whether today’s automatic vacuum cleaners can suck on both carpeted floors and bare floors, and not knowing if there is a vacuum cleaner that can move from bare floor to carpet without stuck or not. But Shark Ion Vacuum can.

It has three different types of brush: side brush, multi-surface brush, and channel brush so that not only can it move freely on different types of floors, but it can also pick up all the dust and hair lying on the cleaning path it passes. I am a girl with long hair and I have a hair loss problem. But everything has been resolved when I own a Shark 750 Robot.

Now I just need to empty the robot vacuum and clean the roller after going home without having to spend extra time and effort cleaning.

[Image: UT3ElWr.jpg]

2. It has a Wi-Fi connection and a Shark app

I love this feature! As I said at first, I don’t usually stay at home so cleaning was quite difficult for me. However, since I bought the Shark Ion Robotic Vacuum, I have been able to clean up my house whether I am in class or doing activities with friends. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection function and the Shark app, I can control it remotely and even set up a cleaning schedule specific to my apartment.

In addition, the shark ion robot also has voice control functionality, combined with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Although I find this function very interesting, I don’t use it often because I am seldom at home to commanding it to work.

[Image: exKJze4.jpg]

3. It automatically works

My life is very busy with studying and working, so I often forget to do many things. I also used to worry about charging my Shark robot vacuum because I often forget to charge my phone. But the Shark Ion Robot R75 Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity and Voice Control (Rv750) has the ability to recognize the battery status, so if the battery is low, it will automatically return to the dock to recharge.

It is also capable of automatically recognizing edges and steps, as well as recognizing surrounding furniture in the apartment to avoid collisions or falls. It is truly a very smart robot vacuum cleaner.

I have had great experiences with my shark ion robot 750. I bought it for about $150, although it’s a bit expensive, I feel it was worth it. If you are too busy with work and do not have much time to clean the house like me, you should own a robotic vacuum to help you right away. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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