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  • It’s a simple mindset.

  • Normally I would not post something like this….but I feel the need to convey the obvious. Your website is your brochure, it is best to assume that the visitor (like me) who would like to learn about you and what you do and if it will help my network to know about you and what you are about. That being said….

    Rule #1
    Make sure you have contact information on your website.
    Rule #2
    Make sure you have recently updated social media accounts (If it is me, that is the FIRST thing I look for, it tells me if you are still in business)
    Rule #3
    Check Spelling, and Grammar on EVERYTHING – this could be rule #2
    Rule #4
    When you post on Social Media, make it shareable – although it might not ever get shared, assume it will. Make sure all post have an image or video, link it back to your website, even if the post is not yours, put a link to your website anyway, unless you want to give yahoo, google, medium, or forbes your traffic.
    Rule #5
    Post Regularly!! Google Reads Facebook and Twitter for SEO
    Check website on EVERY device, from the $10.00 phone to your kids gaming desktop computer. Ask friends to check it for you, slow connections, fast connections, PS4 xBox1 everything and get feedback – fix what you can.
    Rule #7
    If this is too much for you to handle, buy me dinner (just to let you know, I am Fat) and I will do it for you. :-)

    Below is a video I did for Cabrito in BC

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    I couldn\’t agree more. That\’s the philosophy I\’ve been following for some time now. I\’m starting something that\’s never even been tried before – but that\’s what\’s so exciting about it!

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    Most of these tags won\’t work because you have to use the @ then type in the display name or username and perhaps do a backspace to prompt the system. My tag is @spnlocal, @tina (is Tina Oliver), @crushing-b2b is Craig Wasilchak, @dano is Dan Verdonk, and @dpistulka is Damon. Now, on Damon\’s tag…I typed Damo…then backspaced on the O and it showed me Damon\’s actual tag so I clicked that.

    The link is a little different because you typically have to use one of the icons below the white box to post links, videos, or images.

    The left icon is for images that are on your computer. The middle icon is for videos from YouTube or Instagram (and similar sites), and the chain link icon works well for LinkedIn articles, gifs, and blogs typically. You can post links in the big white box and just post them, but depending on the site (upload time/connectivity) it may or may not work. There is a 30 second byte limit, so if the blog or site doesn\’t load fairly quickly it won\’t load.

    • What are the Skills HR Professionals Need to Develop? (via Passle) https://buff.ly/3338I60 via Digital Leadership Associates

    • Yesterday at the all hands quarterly meeting, our CEO Brian Kaminski had the pleasure of presenting a custom engraved watch to a special employee Steve Flicklinger (aka Flick).

      Steve has been with Burgaflex for many years and has been in the manufacturing industry for decades. Steve holds a special place in our heart as he was instrumental in teaching our CEO many facets of the tube fabrication industry.

      Unfortunately Steve has been battling a terminal illness and forced into retirement from Burgaflex.

      We want to take this opportunity to thank “Flick” for all of his dedication, hard work and long hours helping to make Burgaflex what it is today, an industry leader and world class supplier!

      God Bless you Flick, we love you!

      #Flick #TubeFabKing #Burgaflex Flick

    • Everyone on your team needs to be trained in sales, no matter what their position is. We offer sales training for you and your staff. Email me for more info at daniel@gilbertseoagency.com

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      @dpistulka and @crushing-b2b would be good people to speak to about this. We can also create a group page for it.

        • Thanks Mike! Maybe a group would be good. I got this site now as a shortcut on my desktop, be in more often for sure.

        • I am without a doubt as far from perfect as anyone that has ever walked this planet.

          I have made my share of mistakes and bad judgements.

          However, I’m extremely proud of myself.

          I don’t compromise my morals and I have never betrayed a family member or a friend.

          I have never cheated on anyone and I don’t lie about anything.

          I have some of the greatest friends in the world because of the way that I am.

          My true friends are the salt of the Earth and they would not be my friends if I were half of things that some people have labeled me.

          I could have became bitter about many things many moons ago, but I consistently choose to get better.

          I help people every single day of my life and I don’t do anything to hurt anyone.

          Many people have taken advantage of me and my good nature.

          I’m better at drawing boundaries and I’m learning how to protect myself from those that mean me harm.

          I can honestly say that I hold no ill-will toward anyone even those that will never again be a part of my life.

          My life is half over and there is still a lot of positive things for me to do in this world so I will not spend one moment second guessing myself or wondering about what could have been.

          I will spend every moment of my life improving and helping those around me as I’m able.

          There are many of you that have picked me up and checked on me every step of the way. You are my family and loved ones.

          I’m beyond grateful for all of you have helped me along this journey. I will work hard to show your faith in me and the love you have shown me is appreciated and reciprocated to the best of my ability.

          Thank you and I love you just don’t seem to be strong enough words for how I feel about you all.

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