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Damon Pistulka


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I love connecting with and helping people. My early background was running companies for family owners and professional investors. This love for helping people and my experience has led me to dedicating my efforts to helping business owners’ solve challenges growing and selling businesses.

Most business owners have a problem they won’t realize until it is too late.

The chances of selling a business is about 25% and if a sale is completed, owners will likely walk away with a lot less money than they want (or need).

I saw this many times when helping owners selling a business. I quickly realized that helping owners sell a business was OK but the low chance of success and value they got was simply not acceptable.

I had spent my entire career helping businesses grow value. We combined growing, preparing, and selling businesses to drastically increase chance of success (over 90%) and increased value (over 7x average).

We developed our Exit Your Way® program which guides owners through a structured process of getting the value were needed (growing sales & profits), preparing the business (and owner) for the sale, and selling the business for a premium when it makes sense and will provide the return owners want.

Exit Your Way® helps owners increase value and exit their businesses with 2X+ more money.

The Exit Your Way® team works alongside owners creating and implementing business changes in product businesses that PRODUCE RESULTS. We move businesses forward with intention, focus on growing business value, preparing for the exit, and selling a business when they are ready!

Our team of specialized focused resources provide strategic and hands-on knowledge and horsepower to create exits our clients want.

It’s not easy, but successfully leaving a business with 2X+ more money is worth it!