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    Today I gave a speech at our Toastmasters meeting.It had to be a speech utilizing research!There is no better topic than “Why a Purebred Ragdoll is the best pet”!Here are 10 things to love about Ragdolls from Ragdollove.com:😻 very affectionate😻   beautiful cats-blue eyes, regal posture, several colors and patterns😻    Long hair -very soft😻    Live 15-20 years😻    Smart😻    Size-up to 22 ibs😻    Personality😻    Kid friendly😻    Talkative😻 Adapts to other petsWe adopted Julien at 8 weeks old. He was born in June of 2012 in Dickinson. He is so soft, softer than any other cat. He is so easy going and is surely one of my favorite cats!!Tell me abour your favorite pet👇🏻#cats #ragdollcats #petlovers #cultivateandthrive #toastmastersinternational #speech