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    Leadership is a word tossed around a lot right now.Without leader you do not have leadership.What makes a great leader?A 2016 Forbes.com article posed this question.Some of the charachteristics listed were:🔷🔷clear vision🔷🔷courageous🔷🔷 has integrity🔷🔷honest 🔷🔷humility 🔷🔷clear focusI would like to add 💡💡clear and frequent communication💡💡Listen in to Episode 12 of Cultivate to Thrive Podcast as I talk about this. (https://cultivateandthrive.podbean.com, also available on your favorite platform)Share below your best or worst experience of leadership👇🏻#podcast #leadership #cultivateandthrive #cultivatetothrivepodcast #professionaldevelopment