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      Human behavior is a curious thing. We often do things without paying attention to what we are actually doing.

      For example: You’re making lunch and heat up a microwaveable meal. You’ve got a dozen things on your mind, and you don’t pay close attention to the numbers you punch in.

      You get a couple other things done while waiting for the meal to finish. You hear a couple of pops and then a thud. What the heck? The meal container has flipped over and spilled.

      The time taken to be mindful of what was currently going on would have avoided cleaning up a microwave mess.

      How does this apply to the job search process?

      Here’s a fictional scenario:

      Job Seeker Jane has read multiple job descriptions for similar positions. One day, she is thinking about something else while searching through job descriptions. Her brain goes on autopilot and picks up a job description similar to others she’s applied to before.

      She automatically applies for the job with a generic resume containing her industry experience.

      Days later she gets a rejection notice: Thank you for your application, we decided to go with someone with our stated industry experience.

      Turns out Job Seeker Jane had applied for a job from a totally different industry.

      How can you avoid this happening during your job search?

      Slow down and be present when reading job descriptions. If for any reason you don’t have time to read it thoroughly, save a copy of the job description for later when you do.

      After a thorough read through if you discover it isn’t right for you, you can always recycle the electrons.

      The point is, when you are job seeking, it’s better to have manual control instead of allowing yourself to go on autopilot.

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