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      A friend recently posed a question related to building figurative bridges. This conversation had me thinking about how job seekers can bridge gaps in their knowledge.

      Here are a few questions that have come to my mind to help you assess where gaps may exist plus a way to fill them.

      Is there a way to know what it’s truly like at that dream job? An information interview would help.

      Have there been any new developments at your target companies? If you aren’t sure, it might be time to do an internet search on them and update your files.

      Are there any gaps in your present skill level and current industry standards? Investigate, and if any exist, it’s time to invest in yourself by looking for low-cost, quality training.

      Is everything up to date on your resume after upskilling sessions? If not, take the time to make sure you have all your relevant skills, certifications, training, and education documented.

      If you need help bridging any gaps in your job search process, visit the team at Jobready2dey. We’ve assisted job seekers with filling in their knowledge gaps for over six years.

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