Scotty Schindler – SPN Member Of The Week

Scotty Schindler is this week’s SPN member of the week due to the way he gives back to younger entrepreneurs by sharing his experience and unique perspective so graciously with anyone that engages with him.

There is no question that Scotty doesn’t really need to take time to do all that he does to help people. He gives a lot of his time to those looking to pick his brain on anything from business strategies to real estate questions. The guy knows a lot of things about a lot of things, so he is a great resource for anyone in his network.

He also volunteers in multiple ways to help his local community. It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to Scotty Schindler.

Craig Wasilchak: What are you looking to accomplish with your social media journey?

The thing I really like about social media is it really closes the distance between people. Social media provides an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow on a global scale. My main goal is to take advantage of that by meeting and learning from people all over the world.  There is a lot of satisfaction for me in encouraging others to succeed. I really enjoy engaging in a way that both encourages and also helps people move along in their journey to success.

One of my favorite things to do lately is to answer questions and expand on topics that people ask me about. A lot of people have been asking me about selling my business so they can get some tips on selling when the time comes.

Scotty Schindler – The Professional Side

Craig Wasilchak:  Can you tell us a bit about your professional history so people understand a bit about your accomplishments?

My life until recently was all about ReNet, the startup real estate software company I founded back in 2000. I put everything that I had into it and risked it all, so it meant everything to me in a lot of ways.

I was not expecting to have a new stage or career chapter at this stage of my life. However, I got a serious offer for the business in 2015 with added advantages of continuation. In 2017, there was another offer from some successful business owners that were looking to take the next step and add ReNet to their portfolio. There was no real goal of selling the real estate software company, but I also like new challenges.

Around the same time as the offer to buy the business, I also got an offer from some successful business owners that were looking to take the next step. They were looking for my help, as a mentor and business coach, to expand their business portfolios.

There was no real goal of selling the real estate software and website design business, but I also like new challenges. I have wanted to write some books to share things that really worked for me and I know will help other business owners and entrepreneurs looking to succeed. Now I am enjoying being a mentor, business advisor, and keynote speaker, helping others to expand and grow their business & portfolios. I can share the story of how I went full cycle from startup to entrepreneur to exit to being only 46 years old and financially independent and able to retire early.

It’s a challenge to run a business and there are some things I wish someone told me that could have helped me along the way. Some of my friends in the business world have been asking me to do speaking as well and I am really enjoying the effect sharing is having on others.

Scotty Schindler on LinkedIn
Connect with Scotty Schindler on LinkedIn.

Scotty Schindler – The Personal Side

Craig Wasilchak: Can you tell us a bit about who you were as a kid and how you grew into the successful business person you are today?

Scott Schindler: As a kid, it was tough; I was the odd one out and was bullied and beaten a lot. As a D class student, I did just enough not to get kicked out and throttled by my mum. By the teenage years my interest was in other things like surfing and my girlfriend at the time (she’s my wife now)…

I had very few options after high school in regards to college, so I set my mind to becoming an A student in life. There was a year spent making windows and screens for people that led to an opportunity to sell insurance.

Selling insurance is tough, but it can also be rewarding in many ways. There were a lot of lessons all the way around for a young man to soak in.  My wife was there every step of the way helping me study and learn all sorts of things. We were on a journey of discovery looking for our success and our happily-ever-after.

The first few years of selling insurance were mostly door-to-door sales to business owners, so it was do-or-die. Being a young kid selling insurance to business owners that already have insurance can be difficult, to say the least. However, I had the best partner a young man can have so failure simply wasn’t an option.

The success became easier to come by as time went on and my skills began to grow. I wanted to have a bet on myself, I wanted to create and design my own future by starting my own company. Within a few years, I saw a need and solution for the real estate industry so ReNet was born.

There were so many challenges to overcome on the way to the pinnacles of success we were able to obtain before successfully selling it. Having the right family structure and also those years of cutting my teeth in door-to-door sales as a youngster gave me the tools to succeed.

My support team and years of overcoming objections gave me the skills and power to teach myself how to program and develop software. Learning how to provide software as a service to professionals in need takes a lot of effort and costs many sleepless nights.

However, it was also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life not just for the money, but the self-discovery. We all have a power inside of us to do and be so much more than we often give ourselves credit for. One of my goals now is to enjoy life a bit more. However, I also want to stay active in helping people especially business owners and entrepreneurs get the most out of life.

5 years ago, I made the decision to become a local volunteer Fireman. Let me tell you, it’s unreal how much perspective and life lessons that service gives somebody. There are so many life-changing moments it is crazy. Life is special and something we are blessed to have, so I want to help people get the most out of it.

Life is not always easy or kind. No matter where you are in life or how much money you make. Don’t get me wrong because money does help make life more enjoyable.

There is a reason why I advocate working hard to achieve one’s goals. The harder you work and the more you achieve the more you will also be able to enjoy life.

In my younger days, there were weeks and even months that were so tight that it was beyond tough. Tough wasn’t a good enough word to describe how difficult it was to make ends meet. However, I wouldn’t change a thing because those tough times made us more mentally tough too.

Learning how to really set goals and creating a clear plan of action on how to achieve them is what we had to do to survive. Now, all these years later we are able to teach those skills to others so they can avoid some of those tough times.

International coaching and business training..like Scotty’s Facebook page.

Craig Wasilchak: Where do you find your inspiration?

Scotty Schindler: Inspiration is not hard to find with so many people all around us doing such extraordinary things. Any time that I see someone that is truly great at anything, I know that it took a mix of talent, practice, and dedication to achieve this level of greatness.

Inspiration comes from high-level performers in sports, business, arts, music, and countless other places.  There are so many amazing people in the world that inspiration is something none of us should ever lack.

Craig Wasilchak: What are some things you have found to be true that you try to teach others?

Scotty Schindler: I could answer this one in many different ways, but you would have to pay me. ;) No, seriously here are 3 quotes that I have on my wall to constantly reinforce who I am and how I want to live my life.

  1. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.
  2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  3. What you give comes back 10 fold.

Craig Wasilchak’s Caffeinated Questions:

Craig: If you could drink coffee with anyone that has ever lived but is no longer living…Who would it be?

Scotty:  My Opa (grandfather).

Craig: What would you talk about?

Scotty: What his life was like and what were his life lessons.

Craig: Why?

Scotty: He began with nothing and built a lifestyle with sheer hard work and determination.

Check out Scotty Schindler’s SPN profile & Website for more info.


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