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Betty Kempa is the SPN member of the week due to her strong drive to help empower other women. Betty has created a 5-step process to help corporate women leave painful jobs that drain them and transition to their dream career. Betty’s 5-step process is designed for corporate women who suffer from a case of the “Should’s.”  They drive home after an unfulfilling day at the office telling themselves, “I should be happy in this role,” “I should follow my family/friend’s advice,” and “I should suck it up until I retire… because everyone is this miserable right?” Betty explains, that 80% of the women who come to her are understandably afraid to take the first step.  Part of what scares them is the fear they will make the wrong career decision and the other part is that they don’t know the steps to take to get them to a career that will bring them joy.  In their hearts, they know their current job isn’t meant to be their destiny… but they feel stuck trying to figure out what is. This is where Betty’s coaching comes into play.  First, she helps them get clarity on their vision, so they can feel good about where they are going and develop a game plan to turn that vision into a reality.  Her process is designed to help clients cut through all the “noise” that gets in the way of making tough decisions.  Ultimately, Betty helps clients evaluate the pros and cons of a situation and is trained to ask the right questions to help her clients consider a fresh perspective.

Betty Kempa – SPN member of the week interview

Craig Wasilchak: Above all Betty, the readers would like to understand what is your true mission here on social media? Betty:  In the corporate world, when you are in a role where you feel stuck or unfulfilled, unfortunately, many people “suffer in silence.” The corporate women I work with often feel afraid to speak up about a painful job (for fear of being fired.)  So, they zip their mouths shut, plaster on a smile, but inside feel alone, forced to trudge along to an unfulfilling job day after day with no light at the end of the tunnel. Often the initial problem is that they aren’t sure what their dream career is in the first place. With that being said, my goal on social media is to make some noise so that the people that need help but are suffering in silence and afraid to ask, know where to find me. I do this by providing valuable free content on how to find your career passion.  My hope is that by bringing awareness to the services I offer, I am able to help one unfulfilled corporate woman at a time transition into a role that makes her excited to jump out of bed in the morning.  Craig Wasilchak:  In addition to the serious side of your life, Do you have a fun or unique unknown Gift or Talent that you can share with everyone? Betty Kempa:  I love running races in costumes.  This year I ran a 10K in Sacramento as Wonder Woman and a Half Marathon in Las Vegas as Elvis. Training for half marathons is tough!  Running in a costume lets me laugh at myself and have some fun.  13.1 miles is a lot easier when you are laughing your way through it and high-fiving other runners. [/fusion_text][fusion_text]
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Craig Wasilchak: Tell me about you and your business, therefore we can get to know you better.

 Betty Kempa – My Story

 I had a bad case of the “Should’s” after college.  I did what I thought I “should” do and that was to create a successful corporate career like I watched my dad do, growing up. I worked my tail off to bust into corporate America and climb my way up the ladder.  A decade later, I had built a successful career in corporate communications.  I had more than tripled my salary and secured numerous promotions.  But no matter how much money I made, or what my title was, something was off.  I still felt like a square peg in a round hole.  I knew I wasn’t fulfilling my dream – whatever that dream was. At first, I ignored this feeling, trying to hold tight to what I thought was my “safe” bet.  But eventually, the combination of corporate politics, feeling emotionally drained and unappreciated, lack of work/life balance and most of all lack of purpose, shook me awake.  I wondered…. what am I working so hard for??  A small voice inside told me, “this isn’t where your story ends.” I started examining what makes me feel most alive.  First, I read every book on the planet on how to find your passion.  Next, I took every career and self-assessment I could find.  Finally, I analyzed and synthesized my findings. Here is where I started to see patterns that told me, “Betty, your career is in coaching.”  Ultimately, I realized I felt happiest when helping others find their passion, nail an interview, negotiate and land their dream jobs. As a result, I immediately signed up to be certified at the most credible coach training program in the world: The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) endorsed by the International Coaching Federation. I’ve combined my experience in corporate America, my coaching degree from iPEC, and a lifetime of reading and research into one effective coaching program designed to help my clients achieve their dream career so they can feel passionate about what they do, authentic in their role, and taste the freedom that comes along with being in a job you love. [/fusion_text][fusion_imageframe image_id=”13038″ style_type=”bottomshadow” stylecolor=”” hover_type=”liftup” bordersize=”” bordercolor=”” borderradius=”” align=”center” lightbox=”no” gallery_id=”” lightbox_image=”” alt=”FREE Surefire Guide to Finding Your Passion” link=”https://mailchi.mp/af635c841b18/surefire-guide-to-finding-your-passion” linktarget=”_blank” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_offset=””]https://serviceprofessionalsnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Betty-Kempa-Following-Your-Passion-260×300.jpg[/fusion_imageframe][fusion_text]

Betty Kempa – My Business

 The Career Bliss Coaching Program I created is a customized approach designed to help clients cut through the noise and power thoughtful reflection, strategic planning, goal setting, and accountability towards grabbing hold of the career of their dreams. Corporate women leave with an actionable and achievable career transition plan to start building the success they want on their own terms. We work from the inside, out to facilitate transition into a career that is meaningful and supports the lifestyle my client wants to create.

There are 5 steps to the Career Bliss Coaching Program.

  1.  Unpack your story-  This is where we look back at the past to see where patterns began and where they may be holding on to stuff that doesn’t serve them anymore.  This is also where we confront the inner critic that keeps them safe and small.
  2. Clarify your vision-  I provide a visioning exercise where clients “meet their future self” and we get crystal clear on defining their “why.”
  3. Gather the clues-  This is where we explore what really makes them tick through a series of assessments on values, personal mission statements, job functions, and personality.  I’ve also just added an assessment which cross-references interests, motivation, and skill to provide a 20-page report with career and industry recommendations.
  4. Narrow it down-  This is where we narrow down the clues to the non-negotiables and match that up with their ideal career.
  5. Making the transition-  This includes budgeting, a LinkedIn branding makeover, learning how to highlight professional assets, re-purpose skills and bridge talent gaps, networking, interviewing, negotiating, and taking the leap.
 Craig Wasilchak: What are three things you did on social media in the last 60 days that made you feel good about yourself?  What are yours? Betty Kempa:  I offered a complimentary career coaching session to a corporate executive after a layoff. Layoffs are understandably a scary time for people, but they can also be viewed as a gift that allows you to explore what really makes you tick.
  • I wrote and published an article on “5 Powerful Reasons to Go After A Career That Scares You”. I received feedback from readers such as “I received so much confidence and clarity on the decision I need to make from reading your article” to “I will literally print this out, put this on my wall, and read this often.”  That makes me feel so good to know that something I wrote is inspiring people.
  • I shared my “Free Surefire Guide on Finding Your Passion” with those who want to get started on taking the first steps towards their dream career.
Connect with Betty Kempa on SPN
Connect with Betty Kempa on SPN!

Betty Kempa – Top 6 Social Media Friends

 Craig Wasilchak: My readers want to know who are the TOP 6 Social Media friends that have helped you grow the most on social media? Betty Kempa: Krista Mollion (CreativeK) was so kind to reach out and we had an amazing hours-long phone call about our respective careers and career goals.  Krista is incredibly intelligent and passionate about what she does.  We had one of those calls, where I left feeling invigorated. Michael (Mike) O’Connor SPN goes out of his way to engage with my posts, share my articles, and feature me as an #SPN member of the day.  But more than that, he brings such a sense of realness, humor and an authentic desire to help others that’s inspiring to tens of thousands of people. Ira Bowman SPN reached out to meet me for coffee and talk about his inspiring #ProjectHelpYouGrow.  He shares his social media tips and tricks and interviewed me for #ProjectPodcast.  Ira has a huge family and a huge following but somehow, he manages to balance it all and still find time to selflessly help others. Cori Linder, content strategist, business writer, and LinkedIn branding extraordinaire showed me (& my clients) the ropes in creating a LinkedIn profile that propels you into your passion career.  Cori cares deeply about the clients she serves, she’s the best in the business, and it’s an honor to work with her. Karin Tischler, the founder at Emily’s Path which helps mothers back to work in Vancouver, has added rich engagement to my articles.  We had an inspiring phone call about how we can get women back into careers they are passionate about. Paul Silva is a fellow transition coach who also went to iPEC.  He’s an incredibly talented coach and we often bounce ideas off each other for ways to improve our coaching practice and publish valuable content to our readers.  Paul is a masterful coach, and anyone would be lucky to work with him. [/fusion_text][fusion_text] Craig Wasilchak: What favorite organization or group do you belong to and why is it your favorite? Betty Kempa:  I’m forever indebted to iPEC coaching (the gold standard of coaching) which is where I was certified.  This eight-month training program required us to go very emotionally deep, as this is what we would be doing with our clients.  For this reason, this group of coaches has formed an incredibly strong bond. #SPN is one of the first online groups I joined and such an amazing group of people that support each other.  The beauty of what unites us is that we all have a calling to serve others. #ProjectHelpYouGrow is right up my ally and connects job seekers to recruiters all over the world.  Instead of ignoring people’s pleas for help in finding a job, Ira Bowman SPN, the founder created something out of nothing and is now helping people find jobs around the world. Craig Wasilchak: What is one piece of wisdom that you received, that changed your life forever? Betty Kempa:  The book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers and the concept that we can feel fear and STILL move forward with action.  It doesn’t need to be a signal to stop, in fact, it is likely a clue that we are growing.  Instead of focusing on fear, focus on being brave. Any time I knew I wanted to do something in life but felt afraid, I would bust out that book and read through my highlights.  It gave me the courage to at one point in my life, move to Costa Rica and then over a decade later to quit my corporate role and become an entrepreneur.  Craig Wasilchak: How do you find inspiration? Betty Kempa:  I read like a crazy woman.  One of my superpowers is reading and research.  I’m an old school so I have actual books that I highlight (not Kindle.)  I’m good at picking out important bits of information and combining them into one idea.  Craig Wasilchak: What would you say to the 12-year-old version of yourself knowing what you now know? Betty Kempa:  Figure out what makes you tick early on… what makes your heart sing.  Then go do that.  if you have waited until later in life, that’s ok too.  It’s never too late.  Craig Wasilchak: Quotes make us stop and think.  What is your favorite quote? Betty Kempa:  I have two that I love equally.  “The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away” ~Pablo Picasso  “How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” -Trina Paulus
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Craig Wasilchak’s Caffeinated Questions:

Q:  What book or podcast have you read/listened to in the last 90 days and what was your biggest takeaway from it? Brooke Castillo’s “The Life Coach School” podcast.  She talks about the concept that if you are unhappy with the results you are getting, don’t blame it on circumstances.  It’s about how you think about the circumstance. People wonder why they feel terrible, unhappy, sad, afraid.  Brooke teaches us that you can flip how you feel by changing your thoughts. Everything, good or bad, stems from thought.  Change your thoughts, change your life. Q:  If you could drink coffee with anyone that has ever lived but is no longer living…
  1. Q:  Who would it be? – My Aunt Colleen.  My grandparents and Aunt Colleen were in a car accident when I was 18 after another driver fell asleep behind the wheel and hit their car.  My Grandma Betty & Grandpa Paul passed away and my Aunt went into a coma.  She fought hard but also passed away.
  2. What would you talk about? – Traveling & facing your fears.
  3. Q:  Why? She always encouraged me to travel internationally when I was younger (she was a flight attendant), but as a kid, I was so scared, I never took her up on it.  I’d want to share with her now, how I faced my fears and did it anyway, backpacking through Europe, studying abroad in Spain, moving to Costa Rica, running a half marathon in Myanmar.  I’d want to share my adventures with her.
Q:  If you could drink coffee with anyone that is alive today…
  1. Q: Who would that be? Brene Brown
  2. Q: What would you talk about over coffee?  So many of the clients I work with feel paralyzed by fear to make a change in their careers.  Brene Brown is the master on the study of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy with books like Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, and Dare to Lead.  I’d want to pick her brain on how to leverage more of her concepts as I coach my clients through a career change.  Brene Brown could help me take my coaching to the next level.
Craig Wasilchak: Who is your typical client? Betty Kempa:  Mid to senior-level corporate women who feel stuck or unfulfilled in their current job.  Often, they know their current role isn’t meant to be their destiny, but they aren’t sure what is. About Betty Kempa – Betty Kempa is a certified career coach who helps mid to senior-level corporate women transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into their dream careers. Visit bettykempa.com to learn more about her services.  Apply for a complimentary coaching session at   http://bettykempa.com/career-bliss/apply/


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