Amy Martin Is The SPN Member Of The Week. 12-3-18

Amy Martin is not putting North Mankato, Minnesota on the map. It was already there. I had to check to make sure, but it’s there. Few are probably thinking of North Mankato, Minnesota if they’re thinking about the big city and big personalities. However, you would have a hard time finding a bigger personality than Amy Martin. Amy works for KeyC News 12 CBS & FOX News in advertising as a senior account executive. She handles some of the biggest and best clients. Amy also does great work with social media, video creation, and network marketing. Amy knows how to make people laugh, think and she always finds the bright side of things. She has challenges in life like we all do, but she also has a strength that radiates to those around her.  She may not have the largest social media following, but she does have a super-engaged one. This is an interview that I was looking forward to due to all the hilarity Amy shares on social media. Connect with Amy on LinkedIn. What are the three things you did on social media in the last 30 days that made you feel proud of yourself? Answer: I do a lot of things on social media every day to have fun and make people laugh. I also have been doing things to help Azariah and Aaron King get their nonprofit fundraising going recently. Really proud of what we are doing to help Racheal Blaze. It’s nice that we can earn a living and also help people through social media. Racheal is getting close to her the amount she needs to raise due to her GoFundMe campaign. I really enjoy engaging with my connections and getting positive responses such as, “Thank you for the inspiring post it was a great way to start my day.” Life can be rough and we all have our days when it seems to be too much. I am a bacon fan, so I share a lot of posts about bacon. Bacon makes things better is my unofficial motto. I have a lot of friends that love bacon and  I also have a lot of vegan friends. It’s a fun daily debate we carry on that makes me proud, because it brings vegans and bacon lovers together. Laughing is something that always makes people feel better, so I’m proud every time I get someone to giggle. Top 6 Social media friends, that have helped you grow the most on social media? Answer:  Sam Hurley is someone that I was lucky enough to engage with almost 3 years ago. He kept popping up on my social media sites and it was very apparent he was on a mission. Sam is the reason why I began to work on my own personal brand on social media. His taking the time to engage and answer questions is something that really made me think. He gives so much of himself that it inspires me to help people more too. Mike O’Connor, the guy with the crazy cool hair who just won’t let me give up. Russ Johns, always a good word from him, a positive attitude and wants people to succeed. Jill Sullivan who I feel like I have known forever. She is a true leader that shares my love of bacon and cooking videos. We have had so many good laughs. Ron Hunter is one of the best friends anyone could have and has been behind me one hundred percent. He also enjoys making cooking videos with me to share with our connections. Ted Ladzinski a connection I have been able to work with and connect with his outstanding team at Motor City Spindle Repair. What is one piece of wisdom you have received that changed your life forever? Answer: I came into this world kicking and screaming on July 10th, 1975.  As my dad will tell you, I wasn’t much for sleep and that is still true today. I’m told it was like I thought I would miss something. However, as the years go by and I look back I remember my father’s words:  “Aim, Rome was not built in a day, slow down.”  I know these words to be true. I think about those words often due to the way they calm me. How do you find inspiration? Answer:  I find a lot of inspiration through others.  Those of you who share your stories of hardship and have found a way through. The people that believe never give up or change no matter what they’re dealing with inspire me. So many people go on when it doesn’t look like they could take another step. People with stories over perseverance inspire me to keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles in my way. What would you say to the 12-year-old version of yourself knowing what you know now? Answer:  Believe that all things are possible.  If someone tells you that your dream is not possible to use that as a reason to achieve your dream even more. What is your favorite Quote?
“The people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”  -Steve Jobs
If you could drink coffee with anyone that has ever live but is no longer living. Answer:  Steve Jobs I would want to know how he kept faith in himself. He went through so many ups and downs. The disbelief in what he was trying to accomplish was unreal, but he did it. Why?  I want to know how he kept pushing himself forward when others couldn’t see the vision. If you could have coffee with anyone today who would that be: Answer: Amy Kilgore What would you talk about? Batman, bacon and how we can change the world with just believing in one another and the little things that make such a difference. Who is your typical Client? Answer: My typical client is looking to brand themselves and to learn how to use social media and where to allocate their advertising dollars. Anyone looking to grow through geofencing, video advertising or social media really. I like to talk to people as much as I love all things digital, so anyone can call or contact me to see if there is a connection. Thank you for highlighting me, Craig Wasilchak!


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