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Jake Melton is the SPN member of the day due to his being all about helping other people. His goal is to help other people take action and live the life they really want to live.  He does this by showing them how to cut the crap in their life that holds them back.

Jake is working to help people cut the crap out of their life, so they can focus on what really matters. He also knows that the more one can focus on their goals the greater their chance of success. Showing people how to minimize their distractions and excuses, so they can succeed is a clear passion for his.

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It is an honor to highlight such a great person as the very first SPN member of the week.

Craig Wasilchak: Above all Jake, the readers would like to understand what is your true mission here on social media?

Jake Melton: Above all, my mission is to help others through leading by example. Every speaking engagement and an opportunity to help someone also help me. It helps me move my career along, but it also helps me perhaps help someone else understand they can do it too. That is why I push so hard with sharing my struggles, journey and success. It takes belief in yourself, determination and also a little help from your peers.

Therefore, I’m an open networker on LinkedIn and now SPN. Networking through social media can be so life-changing it’s incredible. I just want to help others turn it around as I have.

Craig Wasilchak:  In addition to the serious side of your life, Do you have a fun or unique unknown Gift or Talent that you can share with everyone?

Jake Melton: In addition to acting and improv. My unique gifts are voice impressions, sound effects. My voice impressions include Jack Sparrow, Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo, Aaron Neville, Movie preview guy, door shutting, ambulance siren, helicopter, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, Droopy the dog, and many more!

Craig Wasilchak: Tell me about you and your business, therefore we can get to know you better.

Jake Melton: As a speaker, author, coach, and owner of The J.B. Melton Group LLC, I speak and coach on mental health, wellness and the profound effects it has on organizational and personal development.

I also engage with CEOs and businesses who want to focus on growth by identifying and letting go of the crap that holds them back. It includes improving their employee retention and production by tackling mental health and wellness challenges that distracting them from added success and happiness.

I am the author of Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap”.


Jake Melton – the personal side

As a young man, I had dreams of becoming an NBA basketball player, but I eventually realized it was not the thing for me. I had been an actor and took it up full-time in high school. Towards the end of high school in preparing for college, I wanted to become a public speaker. I had a knack for it and excelled in it. I loved being in front of audiences and inspiring on a larger scale. I’ve always belonged up on stage.

At 16, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, motor tics, and I feared never being able to get in front of audiences without judgment or embarrassment. I never thought I’d get married (I thought who would want to marry me, right?), and didn’t think I’d ever excelled in academia or obtain higher education because of my poor attention span, focusing ability, etc.

Moving forward about a decade, I found a beautiful woman who loved me for me. Obviously, I married her and we now have two beautiful children. I obtained a BA in strategic communications and an MA in organizational psychology. Amazingly enough, I had overcome two of the biggest feats I thought I would never be able to achieve.

Jake Melton – An entrepreneur at heart

Unfortunately, I was unsatisfied working in the corporate world. I never liked the control, I had terrible luck with some of the companies I chose to work for. I was an entrepreneur at heart and working for someone else just wasn’t what I was programmed to do.

With my organizational development and human behavior background, there were a lot of things I realized companies needed help with and I couldn’t do it when I was limited working in a specific role for someone else’s company.

January 2018, my family and I had just moved to Texas after I took a job that lasted only 3 months before they told me they couldn’t afford my position. We had moved into a place a week before this and we had no furniture, no fridge, nothing. Our families were across the country and we didn’t know hardly anyone in the state.

My wife took a leap of faith for me and told me to start my own business. I listened and jumped on the support she offered. So, I overcame my third fear and started my own speaking and coaching business. Here I am today. Proud of my family, proud of my education, and proud of my work.

Top Social Media Friends

Craig Wasilchak: Time for the “Top Social Media Friends” that have helped you grow the most on social media.

Jake Melton: Above all, these Top 6 Social Media Friends helped shape me into the person you see on Social Media. There are many more who helped along the way.

  1. Fanny Dunagan pushed me to dive into LinkedIn and social media for my business and has continued to support me.
  2. Jake Jordan has supported me since day 1 and introduced me to some of the most amazing people, plus we get lunch every week and have become best friends.
  3. Jaime Cohen has become one of my best friends and is there for me each and every day supporting me and helping me grow.
  4. Lila Smith not only is one-of-a-kind, but she was the one that pushed me into engaging on social media and meeting people outside of the platforms.
  5. Brian Schulman is my #twitchbrother and someone who remains positive day in and day out.
  6. Joe Crenshaw has supported me and continues being there as a friend and fan.

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Craig Wasilchak: What favorite organization or group do you belong to and why is it your favorite.

Jake Melton: I am a part of the Tourette Association of America. I have had Tourette’s Syndrome my entire life and couldn’t think of a cause I’m more passionate about supporting than being able to help people overcome challenges that I’ve been able to overcome.

Craig Wasilchak: What is one piece of wisdom that you received, that changed your life forever?

Jake Melton: My mom has always taught me that life is hard, but it’s worth it. She’s my hero.

Craig Wasilchak: How do you find inspiration?

Jake Melton: In prayer, music, meditation, poetry, movies, and podcasts. In the shower, in my car, out in nature.

Craig Wasilchak: What would you say to the 12-year-old version of yourself knowing what you now know?

Jake Melton: Stop wishing your life away. Cherish it ALL.

 Craig Wasilchak: What’s your favorite quote?

Jake Melton: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” –Matthew 6:21

Craig Wasilchak’s Caffeinated Questions

Craig Wasilchak: What book or podcast have you read/listened to in the last 90 days and what was your biggest takeaway from it?

Jake Melton: I reread one of my favorite books of all time, “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller. This book has drastically changed me like and gave me a fresh perspective of life and what I’m doing on an everyday basis. It uses some of the concepts of productivity that I use but truly focuses on the science behind our focus and productivity.

Craig Wasilchak: If you could drink coffee with anyone that has ever lived but is no longer living…

  1. Who would it be? Dean Martin
  2. What would you talk about? His life experiences, what it was like singing with the Rat Pack, and ask him questions about all the celebrities during his career.
  3. Why? He is my favorite singer and celebrity of all time—even named my son after him!

Craig Wasilchak: If you could drink coffee with anyone that is alive today…

Who would that be? Justin Furstenfeld, my favorite musician and artist.

What would you talk about over coffee? I’d talk to him about his journey, mental health past, music, family, and get advice about overcoming weakness.

Craig Wasilchak: Who is your typical client?

Jake Melton: An organization or individual looking to get unstuck, leave all the crap behind, and start afresh journey.


Jake Melton is the owner of The J.B. Melton Group LLC  He is the Auther of  “Minimize to Maximize your Happiness, Cut The Crap” speaker, and coach. Contact him for speaking or coaching engagements at jm@thejbmeltongroup.com


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