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    🎯Reach out and connect with ✨Kevin Ward✨ @wkevinward Great profile❗ Connecting on the platform is simple. Everyone should reach out to each other and connect. We are all here to connect and grow our Social Media SEO💥

    @andyvargo @rowand @troy @dano @danielle @nisa @mandy @amandarominger @garypayne @jared-j-wiese @estherwang @ambenjamin @eriknextlevel @kennedy657 @gwdistillery @paliano @katja-gersak @bettykempa @spnlocal2017 @kennedy657 @craig @troy @irabowman @eringraybillellis @jared-j-wiese

    • Mike told me that I have to update my LinkedIn profile too. It’s a pleasure to meet everyone. Please feel free to send an invite here or there please. https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-o-connor-1b5a6999/

      Thanks, reach out anytime and have a great night!

      • Yea, I told @johnoconnor108 he needs to build some win-wins. LOL! I have no shame in my networking game. The whole point of this site is to make it easier for everyone to get more views, likes and followers on their other platforms. I don’t know about you guys, but I want to have a nice audience in as many places as possible. :) If I can help you please tag, call or email me directly. If you think a how to video needs to be made, then lets here it.

        This platform will keep getting better every day. I promise. The goal for this site is daily improvement. We want to build a quality app and make the site very mobile friendly ASAP. It’s going to take a little money and time to get that done. In the mean time please take advantage of the value this site currently provides. :) The more people we all invite and the more we all use the site for what it’s meant to do the faster we will all benefit from the whole thing. You guys are the first people to be using a new platform and you’re helping SPN a lot. That won’t be forgotten. We won’t make false promises or put up too much BS fluff, but we are going to have some fun. I really do want to take you all on a cruise with 1-3 years. I don’t want to cruise down the Mississippi either. I want to take a really fun trip somewhere nice. To do that we need to make this work. I have a vision and a mission to accomplish. You all have an opportunity to grow as SPN grows and the keys to the kingdom. I’ll help you publish SEO and reader friendly content. :) I’ll help you get views on your LinkedIn, YouTube or whatever else. You just need to post and tag.

      • Hi John, just sent you a msg & invitation on LinkedIn as well.:)
        Mike is right about the profile. I’m also in the process, implementing improvements. Please, let me know if you need any assistance..

      • I am always looking for new connections on LinkedIn!

    • Thanks, Craig.:) I see I need to revise my friends here. It happened that I was convinced to have some people here, but then I realized that I have them only on LinkedIn. I need to synchronise this..

    • Happy new year, everyone!

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