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About Craig Wasilchak


President/CEO Crushing B2B Digital Strategies & JW Management 

Build a Lifestyle & Passive Income Business | Branding & Social Selling Strategist | CEO | EO Member | Commercial Real Estate Investor | Build a Dream Side Hustle in Retirement | B2B Mentor

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Craig Wasilchak is a serial entrepreneur who started, grew, and sold many businesses along his journey. Craig leads the investment portfolio of the family-owned commercial real estate company JW Management. His team manages multi-tenant and single-tenant properties and a portfolio of land investments in the North Arlington, Texas Entertainment District (Westgate Plaza) and the Dallas Hospital District, including Rendon and Cleburne.

Craig likes to give back to the entrepreneurial community. He is a member of the¬†Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global high-quality support network with over 16,500+ various business leaders from over 60 countries. As an owner of companies that generates over $1M in annual sales, Craig serves as a volunteer member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, guiding, supporting, and coaching entrepreneurs on how to scale exponentially and operate a profitable business.

As the founder and CEO of¬†Crushing B2B, Craig consults with businesses on the effective use of SEO, social media marketing branding, and lead generation techniques. He promotes the implementation of branding and marketing strategies in numerous companies, which include the use of LinkedIn and other complementary social media digital platforms. Craig rose to the position of “Top 10 LinkedIn Creator” by sharing his valuable entrepreneurial experiences, which led to increased profits. Craig achieved “LinkedIn Influencer” status as a result of his extensive research on posting and measuring social media algorithms for “proof of concept.” He was also the first to implement the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Approach to Social Media.

In addition to his amazing achievements, Craig provides B2B lead generation training and support through planned strategic interaction on¬†LinkedIn and B2B Digital Sales Training and Coaching¬†as the owner of Crushing B2B. Craig’s online marketing success motivated him to create the FREE¬†14-step Crushing B2B Digital Strategy System. Many businesses were able to build solid B2B brands on LinkedIn and other pertinent social media platforms thanks to this digital marketing system.

Craig lives a balanced lifestyle as a serial entrepreneur, focusing on his family, personal growth, and business profitability. His mission is to live life to the fullest while allowing his investments to grow and work for him. He travels with his family 90 days each calendar year. Craig loves to watch the sunrise on the Island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Early in the 1980s, Craig and his parents went to the island, and soon after, they bought a house there. Together with his family and friends, he has made many wonderful memories on this island.

Contact Craig directly if you have any queries about owning and managing commercial properties or digital marketing techniques to grow your company.