• 🤔It is only natural for the next generation of digital device users to expect data and advertising to be swirling around them.  

    Gone are the days of touching a digital device that will not fit in their pocket or purse due to the awareness of unclean 
    surfaces that can easily spread germs and viruses. Consumers are taking precautions to avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.  

    👉Extending Digital Signage to Mobile Devices is the best way to help your customers.

  • What AI apps do you currently use❓

    Grammarly is one of the top apps that I use.

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    Thank you!  SO much more to come @katja-gersak

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    I see it happen all the time.

  • ✅ It is that time of the year to start setting your 2021 Goals

    Read the article below to help you get started 👇

    #BusinessLinkedIn #GoalSetting #SMARTGOALS

  • 💥At @doylebuehler recommendation, I have posted my YouTube Channel  

    Post your YouTube Channel and I will subscribe!  

    Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well 😀👍

  • ✨In this interview, Randy McNeely of the PEPOK Institute interviewed serial entrepreneur Craig Wasilchak B2B LinkedIn Trainer on his stories of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and grow 11 businesses.  

    Sharing successful strategies that helped this entrepreneur learn how to grow businesses to fully run on their own is a major part of the discussion.  They discuss how can you grow your business to 1 million dollars in annual sales and then how to push it up over the next roadblock and achieve well over $5 million in annual sales.  

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    The Graphics look great Tom  I can see them perfectly👍

  • 😏Gary Vee once said, “If you are not aware of your own death, how can you possibly attempt to live❓”

    Currently, hundreds of thousands of businesses are not aware of their own death. They’re bleeding money due to their leadership’s indecisiveness. They are quickly becoming insolvent. I am writing to you, the reader, so that if you’re able to relate, you better wake up.

    Let me help you wake up and UN-FUNK your business with the three tips below👇

    “Click” on the image to learn more 

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    Anytime Mike 

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    What a great idea❗  I am subscribed @doylebuehler

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    Thank you @doylebuehler

  • 😏 It is as easy as  1.  2.  3.  to post a LinkedIn Backlink to SPN

    🛑 No More LinkedIn Blue Screens of Death 🛑

    ✨Reach out to me if you need some help figuring it out.

    👉We ALL Rise❗

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    Yes❗  If you follow the process in the image above it will correctly show up here on SPN.

    💥Hit the \”Preview\” button to see if it is working as you are creating your post.  If it is showing blue it is not correct and will not gain engagement on the SPN platform. Please ask me any other questions you may have.  We can even jump on a call if needed.  

  • Wanted to let you see the type of Emergency Response work Protect Environmental Service Inc. performs.  

    🔥Called out in the middle of the night to evaluate the hazardous situation that came from this plastic factory🔥

    First Responders 🙏 in North Central Texas – Dallas Fort Worth 👍

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    Fail Forward!

  • 🏆🏆🏆Kindness is worth spreading…

    🙏Honored to be mentioned in the post by Randy McNeely

    👉 If you are not connected with Randy, reach out to him and connect on LinkedIn.

    Click on the image below👇 to watch the short video clip.

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    Do you remember the magic of LinkedIn in-person meetings❓

    ✨The magic still exists…  Make it happen on Zoom ✨

    Check out more videos on my Youtube channel…

    Click on the image to watch the video 👇

  • 🤔Traditional selling tools & activities have become the least priority. 

    🚫 No more yellow pages, knocking on doors, going over your Rolodex of calling cards 🚫

    Today, selling starts in the digital world. Find out more by clicking the image below 🔽 

    #LinkedIn #LinkedInTraining #B2BMarketing #Entrepreneur #Leadership #Business #CrushingB2B

  • 🤷‍♂️Who uses LinkedIn❓

    🌟Over 41% of Millionaires use LinkedIn🌟
    Did you know that LinkedIn has over 722+ million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide? 
    41% of Millionaires use LinkedIn to grow their business. LinkedIn has become so popular that more Entrepreneurs and C-Level executives recognize its full net worth. 
    Click the image below 👇 to learn more.

  • 👋 Waving a hand after a video call has become the substitute for 🤝 handshakes after a physical meeting. It has successfully filled the gaps in communication that we’ve been experiencing because of COVID-19. Besides, it’s easier to end a call when there are cues that tell you it’s time to say goodbye. 

    🙋‍♂️ Agree?

  • 😬 I hope you don’t take any offense to what I wrote. I just want lax business owners and entrepreneurs to wake up. This is NOT the time for you to sit back and relax, hoping your business will miraculously shake this off and grow. We are in the middle of a pandemic, which is not going away anytime soon. Fortunes have been had in economic downturns. Will you be leading the way? 

  • How can B2B FOMO increase sales in business❓ (Trending on LinkedIn)

    FOMO makes the buzz 📣 louder & it’s important to use it in your business to drive sales. 🏆

    👇 Click on the image below to watch the video & learn more about FOMO. 👇
    The full video is available on YouTube by searching #CrushingB2B.

  • 😲Do you use FOMO in your business strategy❓ 

    Businesses can use FOMO to their advantage when it comes to marketing their services & products. 

    Learn more about B2B FOMO & how it can help you get higher conversions and boost sales. 

    😏 Watch and learn about FOMO by clicking on the image below 👇.

  • Do you really think that someone’s not putting your name and your company name into a Google search to see if you’re worthy of their business?

    Most especially the modern buyers 😎, which is age 50 & younger, have already reviewed you and decided NOT to do #business with you.

    LinkedIn Profile Optimization is so important that it is the second step after defining your target avatars in our 🏆 14-Step #CrushingB2B Digital Strategy System 🏆.

    ❗ Go type your name & company into Google right now… Let me know if your LinkedIn profile is within the first 3 – 5 results. If you feel comfortable, post the image showing where you rank.

    LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Does Your LinkedIn Profile Have the Blue Banner of Death?

  • Are you able to beat LinkedIn’s Algorithms❓  Read the many great comments trending on the post to learn how…

  • The LinkedIn Pinterest Pin 👇 Received 1,700 views since it posted. “Click” on it to see whyLinkedIn TrainingDoes your business have a written plan of action on how to train your sales team to use LinkedIn to find, connect, & build relationships with leads & prospects in order to drive new sales? #LinkedIn #LinkedInTraining #SocialSelling #CrushingB2B #LeadGeneration #Sales

  • Social selling success on LinkedIn starts with your Linkedin Profile. LinkedIn survey results show that 62 percent of buyers look for an informative LinkedIn profile when deciding whether to work with a sales professional. Did you know that 18.1% of all Google results are from LinkedIn?  #LinkedinProfileTips #LinkedInProfile #SocialSelling #CrushingB2B

  • Do you practice the right strategies to become an effective entrepreneur? Discover great ideas, marketing strategies & smart steps to reach your goals.  #Entrepreneur #Leadership #Success #Business #Entrepreneurship #CrushingB2B

  •  LinkedIn is a powerful B2B networking tool that can be used to find prospects. Learn more LinkedIn tips for Social Selling on this Pinterest board. CB2B helps you learn how to do Social Media Marketing. Follow this board & click the image below to learn more.

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    You have a great DIgital Strategy @doylebuehler

  • Do you have a Crushing Twitter Marketing Strategy? Branding is important in building your business and part of a B2B SEO strategy to gain new visits to your website.

  • Traditional Vs Social B2B Selling Utilizing LinkedIn
    Linkedin has disrupted traditional selling processes. Is your Business being leapfrogged by the competition? Has your competition implemented a better Inbound Lead generation system that’s allowing them to steal your customers? Better yet are they are closing leads without you even getting a chance to know the opportunity ever existed?

  • Backlinks are key if you want to rank […]

  • How to Create Goals

    Do you have a list of goals for your business? Are you one of the many people who set goals but fail to see them through? Every entrepreneur, business owner, executive, or team member has a goals list – whether they are short-term or long-term goals written or in their heads. These goals help you stay focused. Learn about goal setting and how to achieve them

  • The Six Sigma approach has been proven successful in many ways. Now, our Crushing B2B Implementers teach business owners how to use the Six Sigma approach to improve sales. The Crushing B2B system will help you increase sales while also decreasing your cost and improving company culture.

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    I am subscribed to your YouTube channel @doylebuehler  Great Videos🏆🏆🏆

  • 5 Great Reasons to Accept LinkedIn Connection Requests from People You Do Not Personally Know

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    I am following your LinkedIn Company page Jobready2dey @jobready2dey

  • I wrote something new for Sales leaders and #Business owners.

    If you’re struggling to keep your #sales team’s productivity at a high level on a consistent basis… my article can help you! Read my suggested ways on how to encourage your salespeople! 😄

    #CrushingB2B #Entrepreneurship 

  • Most B2B sales training companies would argue that Social Selling & B2B Social Media Marketing are way too different strategies. 
    While that’s true in most ways, I see them as two strategies that can blend together to create a powerful system that can generate leads.
    Don’t believe me? Read my article about it: https://crushingb2b.com/b2b-social-selling-vs-social-media-marketing/!
    #SocialMediaMarketing #SMM #SocialSelling #B2B #LeadGeneration

  • Having the right bait on your hook is extremely important on LinkedIn in order to catch the big fish.
    What are you doing on your LinkedIn profile to attract these qualified prospects❓
    🏆What bait do you have that will get prospects ✔ hooked on your profile? (pun intended 😉)
    #Leadership #CrushingB2B 🦈 #Branding #Entrepreneurship

  • Everyone thinks they know how the #LinkedIn B2B platform works… yet most #B2B sellers don\’t see results!

    Read this article to see if you are maximizing LinkedIn for #LeadGeneration: https://crushingb2b.com/top-6-successful-linkedin-activities/

    I\’ve listed down the TOP 6 LinkedIn activities that successful B2B companies and their Social Sellers do on the platform! Learn all about it and start working toward more success!

    A bonus: My article is full of #Memes so aside from good information, it should give you a good laugh too! 😄

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    Bring positive into our worlds is what we need now.  Great article @spnlocal

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