• Craig Fry posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago ·

    A business associate is coming to town and you agree to meet him at 7pm at a restaurant.You arrive and wait. He never shows.The next day in conversation the associate indicates he got tired and decided not to come. You agree to meet that night at the same restaurant.You arrive and wait. He never shows.You call the associate and he says oh sorry, I met up with someone else so I couldn’t make it. You agree to meet tomorrow.You arrive and wait, and once again no show.How do you respond at this point?I’m sure we all respond with irritation and lose trust in the person. We probably think, I would never do that.Then why do we treat ourselves the same way. Sometimes we promise ourselves we will do this or that and fail over and over to do it.Over time we lose confidence in ourselves much like losing confidence in the business associate,Things happen, but as we practice keeping commitments with ourselves our confidence grows, and good things happen.Something to ponder as we grow our businesses.