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Vladimire Herard is a health freelance writer specializing in serving small businesses, nonprofits and government agencies as a writer on the subjects of senior long-term and short-term care, aging issues, the pharmaceutical industry, food, drug and medical device safety/consumer issues and education.

Herard brings to the table 26 years of experience first as a newspaper reporter/copy-editor in Chicago and a newsletter editor in Washington, D.C., grantwriter for faith-based initiatives in both Chicago and D.C. and finally as a government contract proposal writer/editor in the two cities.

As a result, she is familiar with the niches and specialties in her own geographic market of Chicago and D.C.; has the ability to write and edit in different content formats; is experienced in meeting daily, weekly, twice-weekly and monthly deadlines; and has honed her interviewing, researching and analytical skills overtime.

Herard’s work products include written and edited abstracts, advertorials, annual reports/white papers, news articles, biographies, Internet page blurbs and other web content, legal case summaries and studies, feature profiles, government contract technical and management proposals, grant proposals, business letters, press releases, tests and quizzes.

Her communications offerings draw from her prior newspaper work in the subject areas of education, county, crime and community development and her stints as newsletter editor/writer on federal healthcare financing, substance abuse prevention and treatment funding and issues, community health, senior long-term care and aging issues, food and drug safety and consumer advocacy.

Herard’s skills are useful to potential clients in need of a wide variety of written and edited work products to support their own product or service offerings.

Vladimire Herard
freelance writer
Chicago, Illinois
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