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    In Your Waiting, Take a Moment for Yourself!It is in the waiting that we sometimes miss our chance at challenge. The opportunity to be more patient, rise to an occasion, be more helpful, take more leisure. It is in the waiting where we are to gain momentum or relish in the silence and will the stamina to get more strength and resilience.What DO you do in the waiting?Are you pressed? Do you press or stress others?Stress adds an extra element of pressure that mounds up and explodes like a volcano. This is not pressure that benefits you in any way, in fact, undue stress and pressure cause more harm.What CAN you do in the waiting?⏳Practice patience by taking deep cleansing breaths and putting things into perspective. Oftentimes it’s not as bad as it seems. Your rush is not everyone else’s hurry and so it may be hard for them to respond as you expect them to.⏳Read a book or newspaper: getting more knowledge while you wait will take your mind off the extra time or how slow everything is moving.⏳Write. This is a good time to pen a short letter to a friend or family member and since handwriting letters is a dying art, the person will surely be surprised to receive the special piece in the mail.⏳Use stretches as a way of elongating your body appendages and through each of those stretches release any stressors or worries and help relax your mind which will, in turn, relax your body.⏳Be empathetic. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to emphasize with them. Maybe their day has been just as hectic as yours and they are just as busy as you are. If we practice having a bit more empathy and compassion then we will receive it as well, making our processes and dealings with others when we are having to wait a little more pleasant.Children are taught to line up and wait their turns. As adults, we have lost touch with how to be patient and go along with a process. If we aren’t a part of the process we can find it silly or ridiculous, encountering frustration. It’s oftentimes because we don’t deal with it – the circumstance – every day and do not understand it as well; therefore, it’s best to arrive early whenever we can, get prepared and go with the flow.Have you ever had to wait longer than a week or a month for a prolonged period of time? Maybe years? Nothing will test your will or patience greater than one of these types of waits. It will test who you are and reveal things about yourself that you may not have known. The good news is in that time, while you wait, as you discover these newfound characteristics, you can challenge yourself to be better in those areas. After all, a better you is an excellent thing to work for while waiting.

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